Metodological bases study of the phenomenon of crime on religious grounds as a socio-legal phenomenon

The methodology generally has two meaning: as a system-defined methods and techniques used in a particular field – science, politics, etc., and as the study of this system as a general theory of method, theory in action. Therefore, the methodology – a philosophical theory of system methods of scientific knowledge and the transformation of reality, and the doctrine of the application of the principles of the laws of dialectics and science to the process of learning and practice in the interest of acquiring new knowledge.

Conceptualisation of notions “model” and “modelling” in scientific studies

Some particular aspects of modeling method in scientific research have been outlined in the article. Philosophic maxims on which the model concept is based were suggested. The generalized model definition, its characteristics and typology were represented in the article

Automatic Control of Precision Cylinder Parts

The existing methods for control of geometrical dimensions of details were analyzed. The basic scheme of automatic plant for controlling the diameter and ovality of precision cylindrical details by pneumatic method was described. There was given recommendations for the choice of basic parameters of pneumatic measuring system for providing the high precision control process at maximum performance.

On the accuracy of a modified geodetic method for taking atmospheric influences into light-dimensional measurements

The real atmosphere is not uniform and at each of its points the values of temperature, pressure and humidity are different. Consequently, the refractive index, and hence the propagation velocity of the EMV, varies along the path.

Methodological bases in research of philosophical and legal model of synergy in legal systems of Ukraine and the EU

In the article the methodological aspects of research philosophical and legal model synergy in legal systems of Ukraine and the EU. The basic approaches and philosophical and legal ideas that are used in the study of the nature of legal systems. The essence of synergy legal systems of Ukraine and the EU, filling intellectual meanings semantics of these legal systems.

Ratio methods and methodological approaches in the science of law

In the article is analyzed the essence of the correlation of the method and methodological approach in the study. The author investigates various arsenal of research tools and pay attention to the multiplicity of theoretical entities within the general theory of law and the need for a unified theoretical and methodological basis of research, the importance of fusion research areas in an integrated theoretical system.

Historiography research problems of deviant behavior: trends and directions

The article analyzes the scientific work of domestic and foreign scholars dedicated to thehistoriography of deviant behavior of the individual. The main theoretical and methodological approaches that have emerged as part of modern historiography to study the problem. Defined thematic orientation work, their characteristics and features, singled out the overall trends research deviant behavior. Exposed the most topical at the present stage of science methods of studying the abovementioned issues.

Fuzzy Identification of Technological Objects

In practice, information on statistical characteristics of series mode interference is available only in certain cases. Moreover, for this or that reason input variables are measured inexactly, and their values can be specified with some uncertainty. The identification task is significantly complicated when the measuring signal passes through a natural channel with unknown statistical characteristics. This is, for instance, the case with well drilling when axial weight on the drilling bit and drilling bit rotations per minute are gauged by above-ground devices.

The methodical aspects of accounting ensuring the process of exploitation basic means of building enterprises

The theoretical and practical issues of accounting basic means during the operation of
building enterprises have been investigated. To properly reflect in the account of the process
must consider it as a set of operations, ensuring the use of fixed assets in order to obtain
economic benefits.
The process of direct use of rolling stock basic means preceding holding technical
operations related to the implementation of measures to prepare for the use fixed assets

Accounting reality as a subject of institutional research

The existing approaches to understanding of essence of an accounting reality in
conditions of use of the concept of constraint multialternativeness have been analyzed. Analysis
of objective selection tools accounted for in accordance with the terms of the company. Argued
that the existence of differences between accounting and economic reality makes it necessary
inclusion of objects accounting components that allow to compensate for this difference.
Reveals the level of interconnection of methodological principles for financial and