Архітектура багаторівневої системи управління енергоефективністю регіону

The list of problems that can be solved by multilevel system of energy efficiency of the region were determined. Requirements for the implementation of each system component were formulated. It was shown that the technological process control’s components should provide processing of intensive data streams in real time. Also components have to satisfy limitations on size, power consumption and cost.

Subjects system administrative court of Ukraine

The article deals with the scientific and regulatory approaches to the definition of “subject  of  administrative  justice”,  the  classification  of  subjects  in  administrative  legal proceedings was studied. The legal status of the subjects of administrative legal proceedings depends directly on its legislative definition, but its implementation is connected with active or passive forms of execution of the functions of the parties, and other procedural participants in court proceedings.

Special principles of the executive authority functioning

The article examines the types of principles for the functioning of the executive branch. The signs of the principles of executive power are formulated. They are divided into two types: general (constitutional) and special. The latter include: the secondary character of the executive power, a single centralized structure, the distribution of powers among the levels of executive power, accountability and control of power.

Goal, task and principle of the administrative court of Ukraine in the modern stage of reforming the ukrainian judiciary

The article deals with issues of development of administrative justice, its purpose and principles. The process, which is carried out by an administrative court, acquires the meaning of administrative proceedings.

Cooperation of subdivisions of law enforcement authorities of Ukraine is in counteraction of contraband goods of narcotic facilities: theoretical and applied aspects

In the article a concept and maintenance of co-operation of law enforcement authorities are exposed in counteraction to contraband goods of narcotic facilities. Features and modern tendencies of criminality, that induce law enforcement authorities to realization of cooperation, are certain. Basic principles and forms of cooperation of law enforcement authorities are outlined in counteraction to contraband goods of narcotic facilities.

Аxiological nature of law: epistemological approach

It was established that the right has all predicates values, first it is value, and consequently hierarchical, orderly, subordinated social system, function is the preservation, restoration and maintenance of the balance of social life. Secondly, since the right's value is inherently entity focused on the implementation of the above functions, it is some system “be appropriate”, and thus the system of mandatory, semantic (related content) oriented ideal entities – the norms of social and communication people.

System of conceptual principles of the national payment system of Ukraine

The article, from the position of structural analysis, deals with theoretical and applied aspects system of conceptual foundations of the national payment system. From the standpoint of financial law, the principles are analyzed – the conceptual foundations of the national payment system.

Fundamental Principles Of Architectural Internal Arrangements Of Space Of Spiritual-Retreat Centre

In this research, based on the analysis of the current experience of the architectural organization of spiritual-retreat centers, the main tendencies and requirements for interior design of these structures were discovered. The principles and recommendations for making internal arrangements of space of the spiritual-retreat centers are suggested.

Phenomena of photography in the context of the methodology of poststructuralism

The article is devoted to the philosophical analysis of important aspects of man’s being, connected with spreading of photography in the modern society. In the investigation of this subject, authors examine the usage of the Poststructuralist Methodology. The objective of the article is to define the poststructuralist methodological concepts spread in the humanitarian studies. The authors focus on several principles of poststructuralist methodology, especially on the principle of structure, the principle of differences, deconstruction, and transgression.