Theoretical and methodological analysis of the nationally patriotic education of students

The article is devoted to the analysis of nationally patriotic education of students. Particularly this issue is concerned to be burning among other problems that are brought before universities and it is related to the problem of specialists training that in 21 century will take upon themselves the formation of a state, its socially-political and economic development, public order and armed forces.

Some features of the development of legal science and education in belarus in the interwar period

The article deals with some features of development of jurisprudence and formation of Belarus in 1921–1941 by the XX сentury and opens its features. The article is prepared generally on archival material which wasn't used by historical and legal science before.

Formation of ecological culture, love to native nature in the futureworkers of law enforcement agencies

Here is considered the actual problem of formation of an ecological culture in the future
law enforcement officers as an important factor of love to native nature, small and big
Motherland, legal protection of legal environment

Museum Academies

Annotation. In this article are considered and analyzed the educational potential of the popularization historical and cultural heritage of the National Museum of Hutsul and Pokuttya Folk Art named after Y. Kobrynskyy. According to mordern requirements, museums have to become open multipurpose centers of culture, science, education and training in accordance with international trends development of the museum activity — an open museum for the open society.

The head, the heart and the hand: architecture and its place in the Academy

Architecture is a mainstream subject in the academy. While the development of spatial imagination and aesthetic judgment are among its core components, a wide range of knowledge, skills and sensitivities are delivered as part of the design curriculum. This paper discusses the potential benefits, but also the risks, associated with the growing emphasis on academically-focused research in schools of architecture. 

Генератор проектів системних трансформацій освітніх комплексів для дітей з особливими потребами

The paper describes the principles of designing and building an intellectual information system to generate prognosis, plans and recommendations as to provide high-quality conditions of education of children with special needs in a comprehensive school. The forming of the structure of the system is proposed and substantiated, available classes of potential users and their systemic roles are analyzed.