Peculiarities of motibation the personnel of enterprises in the context of deepening internetional cooperation

The article provides a definition of the term “motivation” and an overview of the motivation process. Following a summary of every source examined, the following conclusions can be made: By addressing all of an employee’s demands, motivation is a method that encourages staff to perform efficiently to accomplish goals.

The writers underlined the significance of researching motivational techniques and frameworks and the utilization of contemporary employee motivation theories and strategies in the context of strengthening global cooperation.

Peculiarities of personnel management under the conditions of martial law

Wartime requires decisive actions from the management of enterprises, such as: acceleration of managerial decision-making, flexibility of management style, improvement of communication processes, ensuring the safety of employees and their mental health, maintaining their productivity, etc. All this requires the development of new, adaptation of existing personnel management tools under force majeure conditions of operation.

Actual problems of personnel selection of the political-administrative elite of Ukraine: theoretical aspect

The article reveals the problem of usage of favoritism, nepotism and cronyism in Ukraine in the process of political and administrative elite formation. The theoretical material, which contains information on the interpretation of definitions of “favoritism”, “nepotism”, “cronyism” and a list of power elite models, is presented. The most prevalent scientific views on the practicability of personnel selection based on family, close personal and other relationships are considered.

Staffing support of the capability of unified territorial communities: to the conceptual definition of the problem

Problem setting. The implementation of the European standards of life in Ukraine and the entrance of Ukraine into leading positions in the world, as defined by the “Ukraine – 2020” Sustainable Development Strategy, implies in the sphere of decentralization the departure from the centralized model of governance in the state, ensuring the capacity of local self-government and building an effective system of territorial organization of power in Ukraine, realization to the full extent of the provisions of the European Charter of Local Self-Government, the principles of subsidia


The article summarizes the theoretical ideas of scientists about nature of corporate culture. The main stages of its formation at the enterprise are determined. The importance of corporate culture in the enterprises management is substantiated. The influence of corporate culture on the labour activity motivation of the personnel at enterprises is considered.

Formation of state personnel policy in law enforcement sector of Ukraine

The article deals with the state personnel policy in law enforcement sector as an important factor of the development of the society and the element of self-regulation of the population life. The author considers the formation of the state personnel policy as a system of public agencies of personnel sphere.

Application of modern methods of sociometric analysis for modelling personnel optimal behavior at the enterprise

The article focuses on the analysis of the sociomapping method used for modeling the personnel optimal behavior at the enterprise, as well as on the method efficiency evaluation within the framework of the conducted research. It is suggested to apply the sociomapping method for evaluating the efficiency of the enterprise corporate culture and for the analyzing the enterprise collective organizational behavior in general. The key benefits and drawbacks of the
sociomapping method application are considered within the framework of the enterprise social networks analysis.

Development of industrial enterprises by streamlining their staff

The article highlights the importance of modernization of enterprises in the conditions of  rapid scientific and technological progress and fierce competition in the domestic and foreign markets. It is shown that only entrepreneurs can effectively function that modernizes its material base, especially technological equipment. It impossible to apply the latest technology using the old and worn-out equipment.