Development of applied compliance tools at domestic enterprises

The essence of the concept of «compliance» as a complex of measures to protect business from abuses and inefficient management of the organization by its management, as well as the ability to impeccably and consciously act in accordance with the law and internal norms and values established by the company for employees of all levels in order to protect the economic security of the company and maintaining its business reputation. The reasons that encourage enterprises to implement compliance tools have been identified. Article outlined the goals, objectives and functions of compliance.

Security tools economic /entrepreneurial/ activities in the conditions of modern threats economic security of the state

The article considers the peculiarities of business functioning in the conditions of
the legal regime of martial law in Ukraine. It has been suggested that when improving the system of
economic security, it should focus special attention on strategically important areas.
Ensuring sustainable development is possible only based on correlating the enterprise's
strategic goals with the development trends of one or another industry.
Implementing the principles and methods of anti-crisis management into enterprise

Analysis of the security of on-board information systems in vehicles

The features of the functioning of the on-board information systems of a car are considered. Threats to their security are analyzed, and methods for ensuring information security and functional security of on-board information systems are proposed. The design of road networks in the organization of road traffic is one of the factors in ensuring the functional security of modern intelligent transport systems, that is, compliance with such information security attributes as data confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity and novelty of data.


The metrological risks of goods production are studied in the work. They are estimated conjugating with the existing technology as well as its metrological support. It is confirmed that in addition to the factors due to the processing of measurement results, the peculiarities of metrological support should be taken into account. One of the characteristic parameters of the metrological instruments is the variance of the measured value.

Problems of education policy implementation at the regional level

Problem setting. Nowadays, the main task of reforming education at the regional level is the searching for effective mechanisms of implementation, combining the interests of the community (population of a certain territory) in accordance with the priorities of the development of the region. The need to identify and understand the obstacles to reform, their factors and possible consequences, and determines the relevance of the article.


The article is devoted to the problem of taking into account the grounds outlined by law for effective, expedient and effective application of measures to ensure criminal proceedings, precautionary measures; circumstances taken into account in their election. The purpose of these measures is to ensure a certain vector of adequate behavior of the suspect, accused, defendant, which can be achieved by choosing the right security measure, regardless of the nature and extent of the restrictions.

Formation of traffic safety profile in central parts of the city and its informational protection

Nowadays, there is a difference between European and domestic approaches to the functioning and organization of road networks, urban mobility, and effective use of the space of urbanized territories. The main factors were historical development, scientific-technical progress, an administrative component in the formation of financial flows to developing urban systems, terrain, the process of territories` urbanization, and the formation of urban agglomerations. These factors had a direct impact on the shape of the modern state of the road network.

Vulnerability of Virtual Assets to Illicit Financial Flows

Over the last few years, virtual assets have become more widespread in the market, which has manifested itself both in the growth of transactions with them and in the rapid growth of the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market. The international community and individual governments have introduced regulations for the virtual asset market, but the degree of transparency remains low. This poses risks of using virtual assets as a tool for various schemes of money laundering or terrorist financing.

Features of Big Data market risk identification

The paper hypothesizes that the dynamic digitalization of the economy, based on the benefits of using Big data, accelerates the use in management and production processes of technologies offered by this market. However, it is noted that the acquisitions of the Big data market also exacerbate the socio- economic contradictions between countries with developed market economies and institutionally underdeveloped countries, which include Ukraine.

The Investigation of the Practice of the International Technology Transfer’s Risk Reduction in the Conditions of Competitive Struggle Strenghening

Analysis of at the global energy market, according to the Advanced Energy Now 2019 Market Report, showed that the global electricity transmission and distribution market demonstrated the highest historical aggregate annual growth rates (CAGRs) between 2011 and 2019. A huge number of small and medium companies got involved into it and into transfer technology process generally. Generally, the number of enterprises involved in the energy sector has tripled in the last 10 years.