база даних

Концептуальна модель інформаційної системи прийняття рішень з контролю електропостачання

In the article describes methods of collecting, analyzing and processing of information in the case of energy supply. The systems analysis of the subject area and the conceptual model of the database and structure information support.

Інформаційна інтелектуальна система діяльності кінопрокату

In the article researched and analyzed the problems associated with the filmmaking and film distribution in Ukraine. Considered the basic principles of information intelligent system of the film distribution activity. Proposed the model of knowledge of the intellectual component of intellectual information system and its practical implementation in the form of expert system to provide advice to the client on a movie.

Метод трансформації операцій алгебричної системи «простір даних» в операції моделей даних джерела

This Paper concerns method of transformation from dataspace query to data source query.

Концептуальна модель інформаційної системи розкладу занять з доступом через HTTP-протокол

We consider a model of information system schedule institution and organization work with it via HTTP-protocol. Analysis of queries that the user can create, rational choice and optimization to create tables and relationships between them. Study limitations that arise when designing the structure of such bases, requirements for integrity and consistency of data.

Концептуальна модель інформаційної системи аналізу теплозабезпечення

This article describes the the conceptual model of process analysis heating supplies of buildings and description of the logical structure of the database.

Технологія перетворення п’ятимовного словника порівнянь у електронну форму

In this article the structure of Ukrainian-Russian-Belarusian-Polish dictionary of comparisons was analyzed and the technology of its transformation from paper into electronic form was proposed.
 Key words: lexicography, dictionary

Консолідований інформаційний ресурс навчальної літератури бібліотек

The article considers the main goal of the school library today. And the article is devoted to the consolidated information resource model of educational literature of Kuznetsovsk school libraries.

Internet portal of geophysical monitoring

The prototype of developed geophysical Internet portal as subsystem of software of geodynamic monitoring data acquisition and processing is presented. The prototype is based on database management system MySQL and it can be placed both on their own servers of an awarding authority (in this case – the Carpathian Branch of Subbotin name Institute of Geophysics of NAS of Ukraine) and on public Internet servers. Interaction of database and client modules within the bounds of this software is described.

Scheme model of a relational database presents a modified algebra algorithms

There DATABASE of the modified algorithms algebra for constructing mathematical models of patterns of relational databases is grounded. Mathematical models of abstract database schemes with one or many relations and abstract schema data warehouse are constructed.