Features criminological characteristics of juvenile crime

The article contains a comparative criminological characteristics of juvenile crime.
Identified current trends in juvenile crime in Ukraine. The attention is focused on the
features that define the specifics of crimes committed by minors. The special features of the
criminological characteristics of juvenile crime, in particular, the author considers
increased latency, geography, group criminal activity, dependence of the level of crime by
seasonal fluctuations, typical and truncated nature of the specific structure of crime, a

Вплив природи каталізатора на реакцію естерифікації 3-метилкротонової кислоти

The influence of the сatalyst type on the process of esterification of 3-methyl-crotonic acid is investigated. The reaction rates and the influence of the nature and structure of a catalyst on k-value of the esterification reaction are determined. Досліджено вплив виду каталізатора на естерифікацію 3-метилкротонової кислоти, визначено константи швидкості та встановлено вплив природи та будови каталізатора на константу рівноваги у реакції естерифікації. 

Analysis of structure and kinematics of four-bar crank-rocker walking mechanism

Problems and prospects of using the walking mode for producing motion of robotic systems are considered. Advantages and spheres of the use of mobile robotic systems equipped with walking movers are substantiated. Preferences of cyclic (lever) walking mechanisms are analyzed. The kinematic parameters of four-bar crank-rocker walking mechanism, constructed on the basis of Chebyshov-Umnov mechanism, are accepted as the subject of research. The process of motion of the supporting foot of the walking mechanism is accepted as the object of research.

Comparative characteristics of the spatial grid-cable steel-concrete composite slab

The paper studies the theoretical calculations of the material and human resources that is needed for manufacturing and construction the spatial grid-cable steel-concrete composite slab. Some comparative characteristics of the construction were estimated such as weight, bearing capacity etc. The spatial grid-cable steel-concrete composite slab is the new kind of a construction for long-span roofs and shells. The feature of the construction is in its the constructive concept. This construction consists of the diagonal members, the top and the bottom chords.

Багатовимірні моделі систем кодування на симетричних та асиметричних групах

This paper belongs to the field of systems engineering and is aimed at improving the qualitative indices of information technologies or systems with multidimensional characteristics (e.g. vector data coding design) with respect to reliability, precision and other significant operating characteristics of the systems based on the combinatorial configurations theory, namely the principle of optimal cyclic proportions (OCP).

Моделі оптимальних інформаційних систем на двовимірних комбінаторних конфігураціях

This paper belongs to the field of systems engineering and is aimed at improving the qualitative indices of vector data information technologies (e.g. 2D vector data coding design) with respect to reliability, precision and other significant operating characteristics of the systems based on the combinatorial configurations theory, namely the Ideal Ring Bundles (IRB)s.

Design process automation system seo-optimization

This paper analyzes the background of the process of SEO-optimization, carried description of the main types of services provided to businesses with promotion of internet resources and analyzes the main stages of SEO. The methodological basis for building an automated system optimization and Seo-formulated conclusions on the possibility of its design using modern programming technologies.

Features of administrative and legal status of executive power

The article raises questions of administrative and legal status of executive power. Expands the system of executive power, forms and methods of work. The features of the construction and operation of executive agencies, their structure, function, scope and nature of competence, the relationship between the organs of higher and lower levels.

Сейсмічність центральної частини Українського щита у період з 2007 по 2013 роки

Мета. Метою досліджень є виконання порівняльного аналізу форм записів та спектрограм землетрусів і вибухів в кар’єрах і шахтах, розташованих в межах Криворізького залізорудного басейну (Кривбас) для встановлення ознак сейсмічних подій різної природи цього регіону з Mb ≥ 3,0.Методика. За літературними джерелами проаналізовано питання впливу зовнішніх факторів на виникнення локальних землетрусів на платформній території Західно-Інгулецько-Криворізько-Кременчуцької шовної зони, яка є джерелом сейсмічності в центральній частині Українського щита.

Physical Principles of the Conductivity of Electrical Conducting Polymer Composites (Review)

The role of the structural peculiarities of electrical conducting polymer composites (ECPC) has been considered. Different conception on the nature of the conductivity, the mechanisms of charge transfer in heterogeneous structures are presented in this review. Experimental results obtained by different scientists are only partially in concordance with existing theoretical models.