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Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University

Oil-fat industry produces and recycles vegetable fats and related products. Sewage of this industry contain a large number of pollutants different nature. But, the main contaminating components of this sewage are organic compounds, mainly fatty character. Existing methods of water purification are not capable of providing sufficient degree of wastewater treatment, which would comply established sanitary norms. It’s creates a big problem, because it’s cause pollution of surface waters with organic compounds. Solving this problem is possible when switching to closed water systems.

But in order for water reused it is necessary to clean it up to the proper level. So, it is necessary to develop new methods of water purification. It is relevant to use of cavitation for wastewater treatment, because there are destruction of organic compounds under the influence of ultrasound. Carried out the research of suplly the gases of different nature into the reaction zone for enhancement of cavity action on the process of wastewater treatment and their common action with ultrrasound to establish the most effective option for water purification.

The influences of nitrogen, oxygen, mixture of oxygen and nitrogen in the ration of 1:1 and the air on cavitation wastewater treatment were investigated. The object of the study were sewage of “Lvivskiy Zhurkombinat”. The conditions for carrying out the process are important. The constant were – frequency (22 kHz), temperature (298 K), pressure (1 • 105 Pa), process duration (120 min.).

During two hours bubbling nitrogen has been achieved the reduction of chemical oxygen demand (COD) only in 1,2 times. When bubbling nitrogen and a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen in a ration of 1: 1, the degree of destruction of organic substances was only 15.38% and 16.6%  in accordance. The action of the gases themselves did not contribute the desired results of water purification. Therefore, the strengthening of the purifying effect due to the feed into the reaction zone gases of the different nature and simultaneous action of the ultrasound has allowed to increase the efficiency of the process of water treatment of oil-fat factory. During bubbling oxygen the degree of the destruction of organic substances was 33,3 %, bubbling air - 42,85%. Feeding into the cavitational zone nitrogen and a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen in a ration of 1: 1, we observe close values of reduction of COD in about 1,7 times the initial. . The most effective cleaning has been achieved with the common action of air with ultrasound, reducing the COD in 2.8 times the initial value, which corresponds to the degree of destruction of organic substances 64.28%. The paper confirms that the common purification actoin of gases in the cavitation field is 5-35.7% more efficient, compared with the action of the ultrasound itself.

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