: pp. 58-63
State Enterprise «Scientific-Research Institute of Metrology of Measurement and Control Systems»
Lviv Polytechnic National University, DP NDI «Systemа»
Lviv Polytechnic National University, DP NDI «Systemа»

The article analyzes the topicality of the primary standard creation of the ultrasonic pressure unit in water for the frequency  range of 0.5–10.0 MHz  in Ukraine.  Its creation  is predetermined by  the necessity of  the exploited ultrasound medical equipment metrological maintenance as well as for the assessment of compliance with the requirements of the technical regulations for medical products to be exploited. The list of ultrasound medical equipment acoustic output parameters is standardized by the International  Electrotechnical  Commission,  in  particular,  ultrasound  diagnostic  equipment  parameters  are  standardized  in accordance with IEC 61157, and physical therapy equipment parameters are standardized in accordance with IEC 61689.

The article analyzes the methods of reproducing ultrasonic pressure in the aqueous medium in the frequency range from 0.5 MHz  to  10 MHz,  the method  for  creating  the primary  standard unit  of  ultrasonic  pressure  in  the  aqueous medium  that  is  the method  of  reciprocity with  two  transducers.  The mathematical model  of  the method  of  reproduction  of  the  unit  of  ultrasonic pressure is presented, the functional scheme of the standard with the description of work of the basic elements and the general view of the created primary standard are given.

The  basic  requirements  for  the  auxiliary  ultrasonic  transducer,  applied  according  to  the  chosen  method,  are  specified separately. The requirements for measuring medium – water – are also given. Experimental studies of the metrological properties of the standard are described and a comparison of the obtained characteristics with the characteristics of the corresponding foreign standards is conducted.

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