About the Problem of Biological Processes Complicated by Mass Transfer

: pp. 111 – 116

Vasyl Dyachok, Serhiy Huhlych, Yuri Yatchyshyn, Yulia Zaporochets and Viktoriia Katysheva

Vasyl Dyachok-1, Serhiy Huhlych-1, Yuri Yatchyshyn-1, Yulia Zaporochets-2 and Viktoriia Katysheva-1

  1. Lviv Polytechnic National University, 12, S.Bandery St., 79013 Lviv, Ukraine
  2. National University of Food Technologies, 68 Volodymirska St., Kyiv, Ukraine

The carbon dioxide absorption by unicellular microalgae has been studied. The stages of the process have been examined taking into account the peculiarities of cultivation conditions, in particular the presence of cellular and intercellular environment. The constants realizing the mathematical model of carbon dioxide absorption from the air by microalgae cells have been determined. The obtained results allow to predict the absorption kinetics and develop the equipment for gas wastes cleaning while implementation of the industrial process.

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