гравітаційне поле

Display of the tectonic structure of the western region of Ukraine in the gravimagnetic fields

Purpose. The aim of this work is to trace large structural-tectonic elements within the Western region of Ukraine according to the characteristic signs of their manifestation in the anomalies of gravity and magnetic fields and the construction of regional tectonics schemes based on gravity and magnetometric materials. Methodology. The research method is based on a qualitative interpretation of the observed gravitational and magnetic fields.

The analysis of Impact of Earth's figure ellipticity on Its internal structure in imitation of PREM model

The methods of calculation of gravity potential V and potential energy E for ellipsoidal planet for existing one-dimensional mass distribution were not worked out. That’s why now the derivation of formulas for simultaneous calculation of density mass’s distribution and potential and energy for the ellipsoidal body is actual.

Density model of the Kolomiya paleovalley along geotravers SG-I (67) Nadvirna – Otyniya – Ivano-Frankivsk

Purpose. The aim of this paper is to clarify the deep structure and prospects of the oil and gas potential in the Kolomiya paleo-valley along the seismo-geotravers SG-I (67), which run along the line Nadvirna-Kolomiya-Otyniya-Ivano-Frankivsk. Seismo-geotravers SG-I (67) and partially covers the Borislav-Pokutsky cover, crosses the Sambor and Bilche-Volitsa zones, and enters the Eastern European platform.

A preliminary 3D geomodel of Leskivka-Korotetska structural-tectonic subzone of the north flank of Dnieper-Donets depression based on the data

One phase study results of the deep structure of Leskivska-Korotetska structural-tectonic subzone of the North DDD edge – the creating of spatial integrated geological and geophysical model are represented based on a detailed analysis of the available geological and geophysical data.

Anisotropic transformation of the potential fields

Purpose.  The purpose of research is to study the effectiveness of anisotropic geological transformations Andreev-Klushina and confirm the relevance of the use of their improved versions to assist the qualitative interpretation of the anomalous potential fields. Methodology. Methods the study includes an analysis of algorithms and computer implementation of anisotropic transformations.

3d euler deconvolution for the depth determination of the sources of the gravity field in the Ukrainian Carpathian

Main equation of the method of Euler deconvolution is considered. In contrast to the other works, the least squares method is used here to solve the equation. Depths of the geological objects of different shapes in the region of the Ukrainian Carpathians have been calculated.

Forecasting of oil and gas areas within the south-western part of the Srebnyanska depression of DDB according to the gravity and seismic data

Purpose. The purpose of the article is the interpretation of the gravity data with using the seismic data for revealing of zones of decompression with high porosity in the Visean carbonate of the Srebnenska depression (within Dnepro-Donetsk Basin). These zones may be associated with the development of organic Limestone massives, which are promising for hydrocarbon deposits. Methodology.

By the earthquake prediction in areas of earth crust tension on measurements of stations of global navigation systems

Objective. The research objective is to determine relationship between crust tension forces and forces that operate in near-Earth space and earthquakes in entrails of the Earth, based on that was identifying opportunities for short-term earthquake prediction. Methods. Accumulation of earthquakes scores statistical information, their location and display time, as well as moon and sun (own observations, data from literature and Internet-resources) location information. Analysis of obtained data its comparison. Results.

Decomposition of the gravitational field of the triaxial ellipsoidal planet using a class of nonorthogonal harmonic functions

In this work is presented a potential of triaxial ellipsoid this help of converging rows. The koeficients which are determined integral descriptions of distributing function density of planet. This approach gives a possibility in a complex to study distributing of the masses of planet, its figure and its external gravity field.


On setting of the heights system in the Antarctic area

The construction of the regional altimetry-gravimetry quasigeoid is considered. This problem  was solved via the regional gravimetry quasigeoid transformation to the mean sea level given  by six satellite altimetry missions at time-period 1992-2007. Then the altimetry-gravimetry quasigeoid solution was selected for further computation of the gravity potential W0 for the Antarctic area. By this, a version of the vertical heights system in accordance with the gravity regional field is proposed.