Forming organizational bases of state governance under special conditions

In the article, the basic directions for defining certain special conditions as factors influencing the system of public administration are determined. The specific conditions are identified as a manifestation of the external factor of reforms in the system of public administration. The current state of implementation of the institutional reform in Ukraine, and particularly transformation of the state management mechanism, are analyzed.

Populism as a question of public administration: historical aspect

The article analyzes the main factors influencing populism on public administration in the historical aspect. It has been proved, as experience shows, that populism has always occupied a special place in the implementation of programs of political leaders and parties and their interrelation with public administration. Populism remains an actual phenomenon of socio-political life in many countries of the world.

Problems and Prospective Ways to Increase the Volume of Export of Scientific Services by Ukraine in the Conditions of European Integration

Abstract — the interpretation of the concept of “knowledge-intensive services” by domestic and foreign specialists is considered. The content of the category has been clarified. Data on exports of knowledge-intensive services in Ukraine and the G7 countries in recent years have been studied. The analysis and comparison of structural shares of knowledge-intensive services in the total export of the country is carried out. Data on the number of employees in the field of knowledge-intensive services were studied.

Problems and prospects of investment support of ukrainian enterprises under european integration conditions

This article considers the problems and prospects of investment support of Ukrainian enterprises under European integration conditions.

A review of literature sources on the problem of investment support.

The dynamics of capital investments in the industry of Ukraine for the period 2015-2019 years is analyzed. The structure of foreign direct investments (share capital, debt instruments) in Ukraine for the period 2015-2019 years is analyzed. The structure of capital investments by sources of financing in Ukraine in 2019 year is investigated.

Priority problems of the work of Ukrainian customs authorities in terms of European and Euro-atlantic Integration

Today, more and more companies focus on problems in customs clearance of products crossing the border during the implementation of export-import activities. In the context of European and Euro- Atlantic integration, which promote the accession of Ukrainian enterprises to the single European market, one of the priority tasks is the urgent solution of existing problems in the customs sphere.

Basics of Economic Assessment of Business Projects in Digital Business in the Conditions of European Integration

The realities of domestic companies’ activities necessitate a more thorough approach not only to the processes of business project management in the digital business in the conditions of European integration, but also to the economic justification of the relevant project solutions. Reasonability and necessity to use a variety of methodological tools for such economic substantiation can be different.

Key Trends in the Development of Customs Systems in the Conditions of Globalization and European Integration

In modern conditions, the dynamic development of international trade in Europe, on the one hand, increases the economic competitiveness of the state and strengthens its financial and economic condition, and on the other hand, causes significant threats to national security, its markets and society associated with illegal movement of international supply chains.

Specificity of the Formation of a Strategy for the Development of National Road Carriers

The development of road transport enterprises is in the interests of many shareholders, so the studying of theoretical, methodological and applied aspects of strategy formation is extremely important. The aim of the article is to study the general macroeconomic trends on the Freight market and systematize theoretical approaches in the context of identifying specific industry strategies. The methodological basis is a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the strategic opportunities of motor transport enterprises.

Development of Ukrainian Agriculture Industry in Conditions of European Integration

Analyzing the state of business environment of Ukraine in comparison with other countries (according to Doing Business 2020 rating) revealed positive tendencies of its development. Ukraine ranks 64th out of 190 countries, which is 7 positions above 2019’s rating and 12 above 2018’s.