Reforms as a prerequisite for ukraine's accession to the Еuropean Union

Reforms and their impact are an integral part of the process of accession to the European Union. These measures create the foundation for harmonizing the country's legislation with European standards and norms, and contribute to improving the living standards of citizens and the stability of society. One of the key aspects of reforms is economic change. Countries aspiring to join the European Union usually implement reforms aimed at liberalizing markets, improving the business climate, and fighting corruption.

Establishing the concept of the public as a requirement of the post-war social order of Ukraine

The term public is an established term used in the scientific and political- administrative terminology of Western societies. It denotes a certain basic concept of social relations on which these societies are built. Such terms as public sphere, public service, public enterprises, public administration, public policy have become widely used. At the same time, in Ukraine, despite the changes that took place after 2014, until now, the dominant concept of the political and administrative sphere remains the state.

Circular Economy: Features and Prospects of Implementation in Ukraine in the Conditions of War

The circular economy is a prerequisite for the new industrial revolution, because it contributes to achieving maximum economic efficiency in industry and reducing the negative impact on the environment. Its implementation involves a set of measures aimed at the sustainable development of enterprises, the country and society. Introducing the concept of circular economy is an important and necessary step for the development of our country, its integration into the European Union and post-war recovery.

The role of higher government bodies in European integration processes of Ukraine

This scientific article examines the process of preparation and accession of the state to the European Union (EU) with an emphasis on the work of higher authorities. The authors analyze the key aspects and stages that include the transition to European norms and standards, as well as the reforms necessary to comply with EU standards. The article examines the role of parliament, government, and other authorities in the implementation of European policies and legislation, and evaluates their effectiveness in this process.

Status and prospects for development of the aviation transport industry of Ukraine in the conditions of European integration post pandemic and war

The article analyzes the peculiarities of development, the current state and specifics of competition, as well as the prospects for the development of the air transport industry in Ukraine, in particular, in the conditions of European integration, post-pandemic and war.

Institutional support of intercultural communication in Ukraine in the context of implementation of its european integration vector

Formulation of the problem. Currently, Ukraine has to overcome new challenges, which it faces in the modern globalized society. The realities in which the Ukrainian state found itself force us to look for answers to many questions in almost all area of the country’s life. One of these dilemmas is the problem of preserving traditional cultural identity within in the context of intercultural communication, as interstate interactions are an indispensable condition for a country’s existence in the global cultural space.

Implementation of the customs policy of Ukraine amid improvement of its regulatory and legal support

Statement of the problem. The current stage of Ukrainian society development requires introduction of absolutely new approaches to ensuring the national security of the country. To enable the adequate response to the challenges in today’s life, it is necessary to re-assess the approaches to the customs policy and improvement of its regulatory and legal support, to guarantee efficient governmental regulation of the customs procedures and further European integration of Ukraine.

Problems and prospects of the development of industry 4.0 in Ukraine under the conditions of European integration

Experts considered the concept of the essence of "Industry 4.0" under European integration conditions. The problems, prospects, threats, and possibilities of processes of formation and further development of Industry 4.0 in Ukraine under the conditions of European integration are studied. The structure of approaches to the global interpretation of the "Industry 4.0" concept is given.

Evaluation of customs urgent instruments of anti – crisis management of enterprises in the conditions of European integration

The intensification of military and political instability and the activization of European integration processes necessitate the development and use of precisely urgent instruments at different levels and in different spheres. In the conditions of fulfillment of European integration obligations one of the priority directions requiring urgent reforms is the customs system of Ukraine. Along with the already implemented reforms in the customs sphere, there are still a number of unresolved tasks that require the introduction of effective and progressive tools.