innovative development


Purpose. The article substantiates the strategic principles of development interaction systems in innovation processes of the region, which includes defining goals on a conceptual basis to ensure the value of interaction, clarifying the composition of subjects and objects of development regional interaction systems, implementation in certain stages.

Legal policy in the field innovation and intellectual property

The article explores the legal policy of innovation and intellectual property. The necessity of innovative development of Ukraine as one of the main factors of socio-economic development is substantiated. The approaches to defining the essence of the category of innovative activity are analyzed and the problems of legal regulation of innovative deliberation in the context of intellectual activity while ensuring the innovative development of the country and regions are identified.


The article is devoted to the research and substantiation of the author 's theory of interaction in innovation processes. The author   proved the need to revise the provisions of modern theories in modern conditions, as they complicate the possibilities and lead to inefficiency of use for the implementation of innovation processes at different levels. The development of the innovation process was determined by the indicators of interaction between the stages and participants of innovation.

Perspectives of innovation development of ukrainian industrial branches in economy internationalisation process

Effective usage of considerable potential of Ukrainian mining enterprises is being hampered because innovative ideas are not implemented. As Ukrainian international policy is EU oriented, the country’s industries should be developed on the basis of innovative potential priority. Based on the established tendencies of innovative activity in the EU countries, the position of Ukraine in this process was determined.

Institutional and economic mechanism of providing the innovation development of society under the process of formation of technoglobalizm

The article is devoted to the research of economic and institutional mechanisms that stimulate science, technologies and innovations. On the basis of the analysis of  main features of global technological development at the present stage, the author researched the activity of international institutions like the UNO which could be effective in solving global problems of technological development and also discovered the institutional providing of innovation activity under extending technoglobalism and as the main condition of sustainable economic development.

Innovative technological changes as a condition of innovation of Ukraine

It is proved that the development of the world economy is closely linked to the accelerated pace of scientific and technological progress and intellectual capital. Many countries are on the path of intensifying their economy, choosing a benchmark for the innovative model of economic development. In the article the necessity of innovations and technological changes as the main factor for innovative development is considered. The ideas, theories and concepts that theoretically proved influential nature and value of innovations and technological changes for economic growth are considered.