Peculiarities of motibation the personnel of enterprises in the context of deepening internetional cooperation

The article provides a definition of the term “motivation” and an overview of the motivation process. Following a summary of every source examined, the following conclusions can be made: By addressing all of an employee’s demands, motivation is a method that encourages staff to perform efficiently to accomplish goals.

The writers underlined the significance of researching motivational techniques and frameworks and the utilization of contemporary employee motivation theories and strategies in the context of strengthening global cooperation.

Determination of internal motivation for stimulating innovation activity of enterprises employees

The meaning of motivation for the development of innovation activity of enterprise is outlined. The essence of the category of internal motivation, as one of the elements of motivational model at the enterprises is researched. In order to improve the administrative processes of the enterprise in the field of innovation activity, the approaches to determine the level of internal motivation of employees of the enterprise are recommended.

Features of Motivation of Customs Authorities

The problem of quality performance by employees of their duties always arises before managers of different enterprises. Sometimes this problem is solved at certain stages in the life cycle of companies, but work of motivating of staff is continuing constantly. Today, a variety of employee motivation techniques are available, based on a number of theories. But the needs of employees are increasing, changing, priorities and emphasis are shifting, so long-term using of similar approaches is ineffective.


The article summarizes the theoretical ideas of scientists about nature of corporate culture. The main stages of its formation at the enterprise are determined. The importance of corporate culture in the enterprises management is substantiated. The influence of corporate culture on the labour activity motivation of the personnel at enterprises is considered.

Integration of Natural Sciences Content Into Professional Training of Future Doctors

The article deals with the problem of integration of natural sciences content into professional training of future doctors. The aim of the article is defined as methodological substantiation of the expediency of integration of natural sciences content into the professional training of future healthcare professionals.


Motivated person is a driving force any company, independent of company’s size or purpose. Most companies do not give great value to motivating human resources or they can not properly analyze motivating system. The purpose of the article is to determine the mechanism of effective enterprise and human resource management based on key performance indicators.

Самостійна робота студентів Інституту архітектури як складова підготовки майбутніх фахівців


Розглянуто основні види самостійної навчальної й наукової роботи студентів, подано практичні рекомендації щодо її ширшого впровадження у навчальний процес з метою вироблення єдиного підходу викладачів до її організації та шляхи підвищення мотивації студентів до позааудиторного навчання. Визначено актуальність самостійної роботи студента, її форми і методи при запровадженні європейських норм і стандартів в освіті, що у кінцевому результаті сприятиме інтеграції студентства до загально-європейського інтелектуально-освітнього та науково-технічного простору.


The article reveals the research results of the motivation essence in the modern scientific publications. Three major approaches to the interpretation of motivation were outlined: from the point of view of stimulus to activity; from the point of view of personality’s consciousnesses component; form the point of view of dynamic process. There was presented the author’s vision of motivation, which is considered in the context of factors that motivate the human potential for its capitalization. 

Motivating personnel creative potential

This article discusses the motivational aspects of personnel creative potential in today's conditions, which is a driving force for innovation. Also the objective reasons that forced staff to develop creative potential of each company, in particular, the basic principles of formation of motivational policy for the development of creativity of staff are highlighted.

Motivation and evaluation of personnel in modern challenging environment

Relationship between motivation and evaluation of the personnel in the enterprise management system as a purposeful influence on employees’ performance is substantiated; the new tasks set before employees in modern challenging conditions are outlined. There are defined today’s new challenges that are becoming a reality and are determining the new tasks set for national management. The basic essential components of personnel motivation and evaluation are presented; the content analysis of the personnel assessment tasks depending on manifestation of specific trends in society is made.