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Administrative and legal means of protection of rights, freedoms and interests of private persons in the sphere of public management

The article analyzes the administrative and legal means of protecting the rights, freedoms and interests of individuals in the sphere of public management.  It is noted that in the scientific literature there is no stable, comprehensive and generally accepted formulation of public management.

Theoretical aspects of public management of spatial planning at the local level

Problem setting. Decentralization reforms in Ukraine require a new way of looking at the implementation of public management mechanisms in the country as a whole. The challenges and opportunities arising during the reforms create a necessity for new mechanisms that can be applied at the local level of public management. Such necessities result primarily from the existing system of public management in the area of spatial planning, which currently focuses mainly on the state and regional level.

Theoretical foundations of organizational and legal mechanisms of public management in Ukraine

The article analyzes theoretical bases of the research of organizational and legal mechanisms of public management in Ukraine, shows the importance of proper theoretical study of their nature, components, interconnections and interdependence. There were investigated two approaches to the interpretation of the concept of “mechanisms of management”, which can be described as structural-organizational and structural-functional.

Problems of public management in a multiethnic society

This article explores the determinants of peculiarities of public management of ethno-political relations within a multiethnic society. The article defines the problematic points and key tasks of public ethno-policy aimed at harmonizing interethnic relations, interethnic interaction and national consolidation.

Model as a description of the public administration system of the population legal education

On the basis of the analysis of scientific literature, law-oriented models proposed by Ukrainian scientists were determined; their generalization was carried out. The functional model of public administration of legal education in Ukraine has been developed and described its main elements and approaches have been defined.

Use of blockchain technology in public governance: prospective areas of application and potential problems of legal security

Abstract. The relevance of the problem mentioned in the title is due to the rapid spread in Ukraine (and not only) of information technologies. It leads to the virtualization of many areas of society, and therefore to the growing importance of storing, transmitting and protecting information electronically, which is processed in global and local information systems using information technologies. Among the latter, according to many scientists (and not only in the IT sphere), Blockchain technology belongs to the leading place (and in the near future this trend will only increase).

Modern paradigm of public management: a practical dimension for Ukraine

The article analyzes the features of the modern paradigm of public management. Attention is drawn to the fact that today there are different models of public management in the world: the traditional (bureaucratic) model of management, the model of new public management, the model of policy network, the model of good governance, synergetic model, etc. It was found that among the most famous models of management, which took their place among the theories and practices of management, there are three: “Old Public Management”, “New Public Management”, “Good Governance”.

Methodology of the synergetic approach in the investigation of informational technologies in public management

The article deals with scientific approaches to the methodology of the synergetic approach in the research of information technologies in public administration from the position of the national theory of law. On the basis of research in the field of administrative and information law, different approaches to the study of regulatory and regulatory regulation of the use of information technology in the context of adaptation of national legislation to the requirements of the European Union are considered.

Аreas of improvement legal education and training of the law enforcement officials in ukraine on the basis of use european experience

The article is devoted to the definition of areas of improvement of legal education and professional training of law enforcement bodies of Ukraine on the basis of the EU experience in this area. The article is devoted to the task of reforming legal education, research training practice lawyers and law enforcement officials in the EU, proved the benefits of training learning conditions for maximum simulation of real situations.