Aggression and violence: philosophical and legal correlation of definitions

In the article, on the basis of available scientific approaches, the philosophical and legal correlation of the definitions of "aggression" and "violence. It is noted that aggression is organically connected with violence and is its natural basis, as for human society - social matter is based on the natural environment, in particular, living matter, in which aggression is a mandatory attribute. However, aggression as a phenomenon is not identical to violence, just as living matter and social matter are not identical.

The terminological interaction «aggression-aggressiveness» in the philosophical and legal discourse

The article conceptualizes the essence of aggression as a philosophical and legal phenomenon and reveals the specifics of the terminological interaction "aggression-aggressiveness". The distinction between the concepts of "aggression" and "aggressiveness" indicates that, on the one hand, not all aggressive actions of the subject are actually based on the aggressiveness of the person as a trait, on the other hand, the aggressiveness of a person does not always manifest itself in clearly aggressive actions.

The concept of "violence" in the school environment

The article presents materials of research on the problem of school violence. The purpose of the article is to study (disclose) the essential content of the concept of violence in the school environment, as well as to determine the main content of the concept of "bullying". The study analyzes and systematizes theoretical approaches to understanding the phenomenon of school violence, the most developed in the scientific literature. A comparative analysis of the concept of school violence and other concepts that are similar in nature.

Hate interactions as an element of the information war and violence

Abstract. Behind the tokens of aggression and intolerance is the will of communicators and «their» understanding of moral values and principles, as well as the concept of freedom of communication and justice. The level of consciousness of the recipient, the speaker – is different: it regulates the maximization or minimization of the choice of communication tools. The maximum level of incorrectness of statements on social networks sometimes reaches administrative offenses – Article 173 of the Code of Administrative Offenses.

Administrative and legal counteraction of kiberbuling in children

The article explores the meaning of the concept of «cyberbullying», which in recent
years has become widespread in the children’s environment and is an extremely negative
phenomenon. The description of administrative and legal measures for countering
cyberbullying is given, some directions of improvement of the norms of the current legislation
in this area are outlined.

Relevance of illegal migration processes and international terroristic activity

The article is devoted to the disclosure of the phenomenon of illegal migration, which, in its turn, is an extremely favorable environment for international terroristic activities. It is in the environment of illegal migrants that terrorist organizations look for direct perpetrators of terrorist acts, spread criminal ideas of revenge, hatred of “prosperous” countries and their citizens.

The particularities of a legal regulation of violent behavior in compliance with the laws of the international community

The article provides an overview of foreign and international regulatory acts governing violence and violent acts in general and violence in family. In addition, the author analyzes sanctional provisions of foreign law and determines measures against violent behavior under the laws of the international community.