Legal principles of electronic commerce in social networks

The article examines the theoretical aspects of the concept of "e-commerce". It is noted that the regulatory framework of Ukraine in the field of e-commerce is in a state of rapid development. By signing the Association Agreement, Ukraine has undertaken considerable commitments, including ensuring the gradual adaptation of Ukrainian legislation to that of the European Union, in accordance with the areas set out in the Agreement, thus one of which is e-commerce.

E-governance implementation in Ukraine and in EU member states

In the context of globalization processes and the rapid development of information and communication technologies in the world there is a trend of active development of e-government. The UN monitors the level of information and communication technology in the world every year. ONN rates the level of e-government implementation according to the following indicators: e-government development index, index of online services and their components, index of telecommunication infrastructure and its components, index of participation in e-government.

Legal regulation of provision of electronic administrative services

The article examines the features of the legal regulation of electronic administrative services. It is noted that one of the components of information society development is e-government - a new format of organization of public authorities, which creates the necessary conditions to increase efficiency, transparency, openness of these bodies using information and communication technologies, which should be tailored to the needs of citizens.

Development of the provision of electronic administrative services: regulatory aspect

In the article the fall of regulation on the development of the provision of electronic administrative services in Ukraine in the context of the experience of e-government in the member states of the European Union. On the basis of the legislation of Ukraine and other normative acts reveal the essence of the provision of administrative services in electronic form of electronic interaction between authorities determined the problems arising in consequence of the use of information and communication technologies.

Аналіз особливостей побудови систем електронного урядування в Україні

The analysis of public policy of information society and e-governance. The prerequisites of e-government in Ukraine, and presented a model of public administration under the Information Society. The analysis of developmental stages of e-governance. These expected results of implementing e-government.