Using of zeolite to clean the effluents of meat enterprises

Ecological evaluation of effluents from meat enterprises shows that processing of agricultural production is accompanied by consumption of large amount of water which is saturated with organic substances and a number of biogenic elements (phosphorus and nitrogen compounds) during its industrial utilization. Effectiveness of natural sorbents klynoptylolit use for removing of such pollutants as ammonium and phosphate ions and protein fractions was theoretically substantiated and proved.

Адсорбційне очищення стічних вод від пар

Adsorption of surfactants on varios types of adsorbent was experimentally investigated. Generalization of the obtained results of research and calculation data was carried out. Експериментально досліджено адсорбцію ПАР на різних типах сорбентів. Проведено узагальнення отриманих результатів досліджень та розрахункових даних. 

Investigation of the structural properties of porous material according to the sorption isotherms and drainage curves

In this paper in the compliance with the method of the local averaging, the basic relations of surface physics and thermodynamics for the description of diffusion process of the liquid and gas phases in the inhomogeneous porous media have been considered. In line with the drainage and sorption properties of the liquid in the porous skeleton, the normalized function of distribution of the pore size for the effective radius has been defined. The relations for the determination of the intrinsic and relative permeability of phases in the solid skeleton have been proposed.

Complex water treatment of agroindustrial complexes

The aim of this work was studying the process of phosphate adsorption on natural and synthesized adsorbents such as aluminosilicates. Sorption properties of natural zeolite concerning phosphates in static and dynamic conditions were investigated. It was found that phosphates were absorbed better in an acidic environment. Zeolites based on fly ashes of Dobrotvir heat power plant were synthesized and modified. The equilibrium values of adsorption capacity were established and the proper isotherms at a temperature 20 °C were built.

Integrated adsorption and ultrasonic technology for water treatment processes

The aim of this work is to study the process of water purification from mechanical and chemical pollution and pathogenic microflora by adsorption and ultrasonic methods. Proposed technology reduces bacterial contamination and purifies water from organic pollutants, improving its quality.

Pollution of soil environment with mineral fertilizers and ways of their migration deep into the soil

One of the major problems of pollution of soil environment, namely by components of mineral fertilizers due to their massive and continuous use in agriculture was analysed in the article. Possible ways of penetration of not absorbed mineral fertilizers deep into the soil as the main reason for getting fertilizers in the lower layers of the soil environment were investigated. A comparison of the impact of soil and climatic conditions on the rate of penetration of fertilizers deep into the soil was done.

Modeling the adsorption connections and their influence on informational parameters of metal-electrolyte interface

The methodology of mathematical modeling and the information tools for determination of the influence of an adsorption on the physical characteristics of the electric double layer of the "metal-electrolyte" interface are described

Adsorption Properties of Low-Bandgap Solids

Adsorption of aromatic and heterocyclic compounds from aqueous solutions on Mn(III), Pb(IV), V(V) oxides and activated carbon under static conditions has been studied. The energies of occupied and unoccupied orbitals have been used as correlation parameters between the electronic and adsorptive properties of organic molecules. Frontier-controlled adsorptive mechanism is postulated for interpretation of the observed correlations for the specific adsorption of organic compounds on low-bandgap adsorbents.

Micellization and Adsolubilization of Amphilic Invertible Polyesters

Using surface tension measurements, solubilization, and fluorescence spectroscopy, polyesters based on aliphatic dicarboxylic acids and PEG-1000 have been shown to form monomolecular micelles in aqueous solutions at the concentrations of 10-7–10-4 %. With increasing concentration, the monomolecular micelles have been revealed to aggregate to afford polymolecular micelles. The amphiphilic polyesters have been demonstrated to possess invertibility and thus respond to the change in a medium polarity as well as adsorb at hydrophilic and hydrophobized dispersed silica surface.

Water Sorption Purification from Ammonium Pollution

Water sorption purification from ammonium pollution has been investigated. The sorption ability of natural clay sorbents has been characterized. The isotherms of ammonium ions adsorption by natural zeolites, palyhorskyties and glauconites were plotted. It was established that water purification from ammonium ions mainly corresponds to the model of surface diffusion at non-linear isotherm.