Optimized method for measuring of positron annihilation lifetime spectra in nanomaterials with extended porosity for sensor applications

An optimized by hardware complexity method for measuring of positron annihilation lifetime spectra was proposed and used to investigation of humidity-sensitive MgO-Al2O3 ceramics with advanced nanoporosity. Positron-positronium annihilation spectrum were analyzed using four-component fitting procedures. It is shown that this technique can be used to investigation of nanopores transformation in humidity-sensitive MgO-Al2O3 ceramics as porosimetry method. It is shown that Tao-Eldrup model can be used for study of size of nanopores smaller then 1,5 nm.

Life and Scientific Priorities of Professor Myroslav Malovanyy

This article describes the life and scientific priorities of professor Myroslav Malovanyy. It also provides details and results of a joint research with his students of a liquid media treatment from different types of pollution. The main research and its results are illustrated, as well as environmental technologies that were developed by using the archived results.

Concurrent Sorption of Copper and Chromium Cations by Natural Zeolite

The aim of this work was to study the process of adsorption of Copper and Chromium cations by natural zeolites in static conditions. The change of the chemical composition of the surface of the zeolite as a result of sorption of heavy metals was investigated. The influence of the type of the ions and pH selectivity in absorption of heavy metals removal by zeolite was analysed. The reasons for the selective extraction of Copper from two-component solution were explained.

Використання відпрацьованих сорбентів для виробництва будівельних матеріалів

Studies prospects of using waste to produce natural sorbents gypsum binder, their influence on the rheological and physico-mechanical properties.

Сорбція іонів хрому із водних розчинів природним клиноптилолітом

The adsorption properties of Transcarpathian clinoptilolite regarding Cr (VI) ions is studied. It was found that the adsorption isotherm has s-like form and belongs to the isotherm of type II. It is established that the adsorption proceeds further after the formation of monomolecular adsorption layer. It leads to the cteation of dimolecular layer. Вивчено адсорбційні властивості закарпатського клиноптилоліту стосовно іонів  Cr (VI). З’ясовано, що ізотерма адсорбції має s-подібний вигляд і належить до ізотерми  ІІ типу.

Порівняльні дослідження перспективних методів очищення природних вод

The different methods of water purification from bacteria of the genus Bacillus are observed. The comparative characteristics of these methods is made. Розглянуто різні методи очищення води від бактерій роду Bacillus. Зроблена порівняльна характеристика цих методів. 

Дослідження процесу адсорбції ( )2 3ca no ґрунтовим середовищем

The problem of penetration of nitrogen fertilizers in the soil is analyzed. The influence of adsorption process on the rate of transfer of fertilizers in the vertical profile of the soil is determined. Experimental researches of adsorption properties of soil environment on the base of absorption of calcium nitrate by soil are done. Проаналізовано проблему проникнення азотних добрив вглиб ґрунту. Визначено вплив процесу адсорбції на швидкість перенесення добрив по вертикальному профілю ґрунту.

Reasonability of application preliminary cavitation treatment of solutions in adsorption processes

Available methods of disinfection of milk-processing industries wastewater have been analyzed. The possibility to apply hydrodynamic cavitation modules at the stage of adsorption finish disinfection has been proposed. Experimental results, which testify the reasonability of its effectiveness, have been obtained.

Natural zeolite-clinoptilolite characteristics determination and modification

The article is devoted to the preparation of adsorbents for polymer adsorption on their surface. Adsorption of polymers on the surface of adsorbents from a solution has been widely developed and received a great deal of attention in research works, which prove the topicality of its use in development of new composite materials and solve many problems concerning the polymers characteristics and properties. The adsorbents drawbacks, i.e. small specific surface area, diameter of the primary pores and their amounthave been determined.