magnetic susceptibility

Properties of the Composites Made of Glauconite and Polyaniline in Aqueous Solutions of Phosphoric Acid

The glauconite-polyaniline composites were prepared through oxidation of aniline using ammonium peroxodisulfate in aqueous solutions of phosphoric acid on the surface of a glauconite powder. Intermolecular interaction between amorphous polyaniline macromolecules and interphase coupling of polyaniline to the glauconite surface was confirmed by X-ray diffraction and FT-IR spectroscopy.

The association of physical properties of deep reservoirs with the geomagnetic field and fault-block tectonics in the Hlynsko-Solokhivskyi oil-and-gas region

Purpose of the study. To study physical properties of the reservoir rocks of Semyrenkivske field in the Hlynsko-Solokhivskyi oil and gas region (OGR) of the Dnipro-Donets Aulacogene with the aim of evaluating their filtration-capacitive properties as well as to justify the relationship of oil and gas fields with sources of local magnetic anomalies that occur during the passage of hydrocarbons. The research methodology consi

Study of rocks magnetic susceptibilities of Carpatians foredeep

The results of rocks magnetic susceptibility experimental measurements of Carpatians foredeep are adduced. The new data was obtained and the statistical magnetic susceptibilities database of different age formations of rocks complex in Carpatians foredeep is created. The sedimental strata differentiation of magnetic susceptibility in separate lithomagnetic complexes is shown.

Application of x-metering for stratigraphical separation and corelation of geological section in the northern edge of the Dniepr-Donetsk depression

Magnetic susceptibility of sediments in the northern edge of the Dniepr-Donetsk depression was analyzed. Possibilities of c-metering implementation for vertical division and investigations of geological cross-section, also as correlations of defined elements were shown.

Pecularities of lateral dissemention of the magnetic susceptibility of paleozoic oil-ant-gas-bearing sediments at the north-western part of the Dnipro-Donetsk depression

Results of investigation of the magnetic susceptibility of Paleozoic oil-and-gas-bearing sediments at the north-western part of Dnipro-Donetsk depression are given. Selected lithomagnetic complexes have a regional dissemination as at the limits of separated deposits so at the north-western part of Dnipro-Donetsk depression from the Southern near board zone to the Northern near board zone.

Results of magnetometry and soil’s Х-measuaring on Orchovychi oil and gas field in Carpathian foredeep

The results of magnetic studies on Orhovychi oil and gas field in the Carpathian Foredeep are shown. Specific features of structure of the local magnetic field and the magnetic susceptibility of soil are analysed.

Study of magnetic susceptibility of Dashava formation sediments in NW part of Carpathian foredeep

The results of the magnetic susceptibility study of Dashava claystones and sandstones of Lower Sarmatian in NW part of Carpathian Foredeep are adduced. The vertical and lateral sediments heterogeneity of their magnetic susceptibility are shown. 

Application of X-metering for specification of facial boundaberies of the center zone of the Dniepr-Donetsk depression

Aim. Sediments of Solohiv suite (upper Visean) were investigated to show capebilities of -metering in adjustment of facial boundaries. This sediments correlates with productive horizons (PH) B-23, B-22, B-21 and productive layers from micro-fauna (MF) horizon XIIa in Dnipro-Donetsk Depression. Investigated Chervonozavodske and Lucenkivske deposits have commons features in structure and lithographic of PH.

Peculiarities of the anomalous magnetic field in the areas of hydrocarbon fields in the Carpathian foredeep

Purpose. Identifying of anomalous magnetic field peculiarities upon oil-and-gas bearing structures in the Carpathian Feoredeep and its relationships with oil and gas deposits. Methodology. Measuring of geomagnetic field T total vector modulus during surface magnetic survey on a geomagnetic profiles network. Measuring of core magnetic susceptibility of searching-prospecting wells. Investigations were done for 9 hydrocarbon deposits and 6 perspective structures in the NW part of Bilche-Volytsa zone, Carpathian Foredeep. Results. The analysis of anomalous magnetic field is shown.

Magnetic susceptibility of the Carpathian mountains soils in Maniavka river valley

Purpose. At this stage of our research we study the information content of soil magnetism addressing the environmental, soil science and exploration objectives. This requires the magnetic properties data of unmodified soils at the territories of hydrocarbons prospecting, soil erosion, environmental pollution. We have collected significant soil magnetism data bank in Ukraine. At the same time the mountain-forest soils were generally not studied and poorly understood. Methods.