administrative services

Provision of local administrative services in Ukraine: problems and perspectives

The concepts of modern public policy of Ukraine in the sphere of provision of administrative services are examined. The main disadvantages in provision of local administrative services are identified. The ways of creation of favorable conditions for qualitative resolution of citizens’ problems are offered.

Municipal administrative services as a specific activity of local self-government bodies

This article examines theoretical elaborations of the concepts “service”, “public service”, “municipality”, “municipal service” and “administrative service”. The article identifies features of administrative services and peculiarities of their provision by local self-government bodies. The concept “municipal administrative service” is defined.

Influence of digitalization on the public policy forming in Ukraine

Problem setting. The COVID-19 pandemic, global quarantine, quarantine restrictions created the conditions for society to react quickly. Digital technologies are now being used more intensively, and the public administration sector is no exception. At the same time, the country's development requires systematic strategic and tactical decisions that will accelerate the introduction of modern digital technologies in all spheres of Ukrainian society, also forming and implementation of public policy at various levels of government.

Legal regulation of provision of electronic administrative services

The article examines the features of the legal regulation of electronic administrative services. It is noted that one of the components of information society development is e-government - a new format of organization of public authorities, which creates the necessary conditions to increase efficiency, transparency, openness of these bodies using information and communication technologies, which should be tailored to the needs of citizens.

Theoretical aspects of providing priority services in the context of the development of the electronic services system in Ukraine

Analysis of scientific approaches to one of the key concepts of modern administrative
law – administrative services, found the concept of value adjacent. Isolate features of
administrative services in the system of administrative and legal functions of the authorities in
the context of the development of electronic services in Ukraine with a view to adapting
national legislation to EU requirements. The characteristic concept and service priority given
to the author's definition.

Providing administrative services Ukraine interior ministry and National police

The article investigates the general principles of legal regulation of administrative services in Ukraine. The concept and types of administrative services. Analyzed the regulations and scientific publications appear in periodicals, mass media and the Internet, covering some issues of administrative services by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and the National Police. We consider the operation of the service centers of MIA of Ukraine. The possible directions of improving the quality of administrative services.

Improvement of legal regulation providing administrative services

The article addresses the problem of improving the legal regulation of administrative services in Ukraine in the context of adapting national legislation to the European Union. Analyzes the concept of “administrative services”, the ratio of administrative and public services, the principles of administrative services, standardization in this area, the administrative and legal regulation of administrative services, directions of improvement of legislation aimed at improving quality.

Organizational and legal aspects of functioning of system of electronic administrative services in Ukraine

The article is devoted to organizational and procedural aspects of the provision of electronic administrative services in Ukraine, as well as explores legal mechanisms that today created to provide administrative services in electronic form and to ensure access of treatment to information on administrative services via the Internet.

Some questions formation of the institute of administrative services in Ukraine bylaw level

In the article investigate the periods regulatory institution of administrative services at the law level. Studied the ratio of the terms “administrative services”, “public service” and “management service”. Separately, the notion of the term “service” in private relations.