In a period of extreme political instability and the threat of constant enemy attacks, people looked for a means of security. This basic need became the main factor in the evolution of the stages of existence of historical castle complexes. Later, the threat of internal and external attacks from outsiders and feudal neighbors decreased due to the strengthening of royal power. Such changes in the military and political situation became the main reason for the beginning of the decline of castle complexes.

Transformation of functional – methodical approaches to personnel management in the conditions of integration of production and network information technologies

The article is devoted to the issues of the objective need to transform functional-methodical approaches to personnel management in the context of the integration of production and network information technologies. The functions of personnel management in the conditions of digitalization are defined. It is noted that the implementation of each management function requires the use of specific technologies

System of Message Exchange and Data Processing of Ecological and Natural Communities

With the development of technological tools, it is increasingly common to meet systems which are using online messaging applications for communication with users. This process occurs with the help of so-called chatbots. Chatbot is a programmable application in which the algorithm of interaction with the user, provided by developers, is implemented. The bot provides information in the form of text or audio messages.


The relevance and objectives of the work are the need to expand and improve the interaction of financial intermediaries, to improve the quality and increase the volume of financial services provided. The object of research is the integration of banks and insurance companies for the distribution of insurance products through the banking network both in Ukraine and abroad.

Integration of Natural Sciences Content Into Professional Training of Future Doctors

The article deals with the problem of integration of natural sciences content into professional training of future doctors. The aim of the article is defined as methodological substantiation of the expediency of integration of natural sciences content into the professional training of future healthcare professionals.

Spain as a Permanent Invited Participant of G-20 (2009-2017)

Spain’s aspirations to increase its role in continental and global integration processes in the context of financial crisis and reconfiguration of international power centers are discussed in the article. It is revealed that the informal representative forum the G20 is an essential element of the system of global management of economic processes. The main purpose of this article is to evaluate of participation of Spain as a permanent invitee of the G20.

The right integration is a promising direction of development of legal science

This article analyzes the formation and development of law as the integration of science, discipline and integrated knowledge areas, its main features and characteristics, the study of the right of the European Union, as part of the integration of the right to association of Ukraine with the EU. We analyze the value and prospects of development of the science of law
integration and communication with the improvement of the educational process and professional development of lawyers

The nature of latin american regionalism in the context of regional security issues

The article investigates the phenomenon of regionalism on the Latin American continent in context of regional security. It analyzes causes, stages and features of origination of integration associations in Latin America, and nature of their operation. The author notes that Latin American integration experience which has managed to develop mechanisms for encountering external forces will be very useful for Ukrainian politicians who think seriously about how to put into practice the idea of the European Union.

Prospects of implementation and practice compliance with marketing standards in Ukraine and the EU

In the presented article the prospects for implementing marketing standards in Ukraine and the EU are examined. Investigated the practice compliance with such standards in our country and the EU. Systematized approach to standardization and the main prospects for further integration into the European space.