Програмні системи на базі онтологічних моделей задач

Розглянуто застосування онтологічних моделей задач для побудови програмних систем, здатних адаптуватися до зміни стану предметної області. Розроблено матема- тичну формалізацію подання та опрацювання знань у системі, архітектуру та принципи функціонування програмної системи на базі онтологічних моделей. Розглянуто методи використання онтологічних моделей для розв’язання практичних задач. Проаналізовано переваги застосування онтологічних моделей порівняно з традиційним підходом до побудови програмних систем та розроблено формули для оцінювання їх переваг.

Financial Statements Under the Economy Globalization Conditions: Conditions and Perspectives of the Development

The key issues are described of the current information field of the public financial statements of modern corporate companies in the context of its functions with regard to the information insurance of different users under the conditions of the global post-industrial economy. The assessment was conducted of the methodological aspects of accounting of separate objects of the modern corporations’ public accounting.

Individually socialization: philosophical and legal dimension

Article meaningful philosophical category of “personality”, its essence and definition, found the place and the role of the individual in the philosophical and legal context, presented the main characteristics of the individual. Based on significant source base covers basic methodological approaches to the abovementioned problems.

Adaptation aspects of economic expertise in the circuit controlling the german model enterprise

In this article the adaptive aspects of the economic expertise in the circuits controlling
model of A. Dayle. In this approach, contours availability subsystem economic expertise be
implemented in two groups of tools: tools of planning and regulation of subdivisions (a
function of business process management) and management tools and incentives for workers
(people management function). Thus, for each set of business processes, goals of controlling is
actually derived from the objectives of the enterprise and are a direct reflection of the

Адаптивний синтез формул абстрактних алгоритмів

This article is about determination adaptation processes of algorithms formulas. The adaptation algorithm of formulas is resulted. Synthesized, minimized, and built mathematical model and probed adaptation algorithm of operation base sign.

Архітектура програмного комплексу побудови адаптивних Веб-галерей

Adaptive Web-galleries can reorganize the structure of its content according to user’s interests and peculiarities of their behaviour. Each Web-gallery encompasses expositions that to some extent reveal defined thematic categories. Each exposition contains exhibits which not always fully reveal its content. Exhibits that poorly reveal the content of exposition distract users and distort their interpretation.

Ukrainian integration strategy: stages and risks

The algorithm of the ground of maintenance and sequence of steps which are necessary for the effective management of procedures for Ukrainian integration into a world economy, in particular, for the entry into European Union (EU), is investigated. The  presence of corresponding factors is examined as  pre-condition of expediency of European direction of integration of Ukraine and active activity of legislative and executive bodies of  management of Ukraine in this direction  etc..