Public Management in the Conditions of European Integration and Globalization: Challenges and Prospects

The article reveals the peculiarities of the development of public management in Ukraine in the conditions of European integration and globalization. It has been established that public management is a complex and multifaceted entity as an object of scientific knowledge, the basis of which is a concept based on the close relationship between politics and law, management and power, the political system and society in general, as well as the interaction of society with various elements of social systems.


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Purpose. The article is devoted to topical issues of franchising as a modern form of international business. Today, franchising is one of the most dynamically developing forms of business activity, which is characterized by high efficiency in both domestic and foreign markets. Along with the quantitative development of franchising relations, there are qualitative and organizational changes in this form of economic cooperation.

The startup industry of Ukraine in the conditions of globalization challenges

The article examines the peculiarities of the development of the startup industry in Ukraine before the full-scale Russian invasion. The authors analyzed the impact of the war on the start-up industry of Ukraine in the context of globalization challenges, identified negative, and also found positive consequences of the influence of military and political factors on the local start-up industry.

Institutional support of intercultural communication in Ukraine in the context of implementation of its european integration vector

Formulation of the problem. Currently, Ukraine has to overcome new challenges, which it faces in the modern globalized society. The realities in which the Ukrainian state found itself force us to look for answers to many questions in almost all area of the country’s life. One of these dilemmas is the problem of preserving traditional cultural identity within in the context of intercultural communication, as interstate interactions are an indispensable condition for a country’s existence in the global cultural space.

Limitation of state sovereignty in the conditions of globalization: theoretical and legal aspect

In the article, the author discusses the current state and use of the concept of state sovereignty in international law. The author analyzes the issue of limiting sovereignty from the standpoint of real and recent examples in international practice. The article also attempts to trace the evolution of ideas about state sovereignty and analyzes various theoretical and legal approaches to the signs of sovereignty.

Establishment of environmental responsibilities of humans and citizens: international standards

The article identifies and analyzes international standards for the formation of environmental responsibilities of man and citizen, in particular the preconditions and conditions for their formation, the main stages of their development and features of consolidation at the legislative level. It was found that the institution of environmental responsibilities as a holistic entity is characterized by unity of content, which is expressed in general provisions, legal principles or a set of legal concepts used, the unity of the legal regime of regulated social relations.

Globalization as a New Type of Society Development and Management in the Scope of a New Geostrategic Reality Establishment

Problem setting. Compared to other post-Soviet states, Ukraine is maximally open to globalization. Consequently, it is more and more affected by the destructive manifestations of globalization. Such openness, which fully corresponds to the structure of the Ukrainian mentality, is, on the one hand, a powerful factor in the modernization dynamics of social development, and on the other – a brake on the formation and implementation of its own nationally regulated development strategy.

Crime and globalization: causes and consequences

The article considers the problematic issues of the interaction of globalization processes on the development of world crime. Globalization as a modern global trend has both positive and negative effects on the development of national and international law. One of the most serious negative consequences of globalization is the growth of crime in the world, as well as the emergence of new, more dangerous forms of crime, which is not limited to national borders and becomes transnational in nature.