Academichna mobilnyst yak strategichna variatsii ukrainskogo studentstvo

The entry of Ukraine into European and global processes leads to the transformation of the socio-cultural paradigm and creates new models of social life of modern students. The introduction of new methods of student exchanges and the maintenance of individual mobility by the state creates a new approach in promoting economic growth of the country, political stability and social balance of the citizens.

Non-alignment strategy: politics and theory (Research Article)

The complex study of the state non-alignment strategy is done. The theoretical and methodological basis of non-alignment strategy is analyzed, the problem of definition this phenomenon is investigated, the main aspects of neutrality strategy tendencies are clarified. The historical aspects of non-alignment policies are developed.

Impulsive causes of migration in modern conditions

The article explores migration processes, arising in modern transitive society and differently influencing the development of both donor states and recipient states. Present-day impulsive causes of migration are considered in the article. Peculiarities of contemporary migration processes, taking place in Ukraine, in the context of European integration are studied.

Globalization in the legal plane: forming contour “global law”

This article analyzes globalization in the legal plane. Particular attention is paid to the impact of globalization on the interaction of international, European and national law. Separately, an analysis of different dialogue courts of law and order in terms of reasoning their decisions. The conclusions about the formation of a global international rule of law, strengthening regional (supranational) law, the impact of globalization on justice.

Museums of the 21st Century in the context of globalization: new meanings, challenges and trends

Modern museum environment intensively passes the process of transformation in the context of global geopolitical, economic, social and cultural changes. It is impossible to forget that exactly museums are for today that perform the duty of forming of historical memory of the Ukrainian people and identities, promotes self-actualization of nation.

Museum communication in the face of the challenges of globalization

The article deals with the problem of actualization the potential of the museum in a globalized society. Modern communication paradigm is considered in the context of providing the possibility of direct involvement of all participants to communication process. Modern social needs lead to social change of the museum mission towards effective cooperation with society. Communicative space of museum in modern conditions is characterized by availability and the possibility of cultural values transmission in the virtual space. 

National historic and cultural heritage in the system of historical memory and challenges of modern globalization

The article is devoted to theoretical substantiation of sociohumanitarian transformations, their threats and opportunities in modern globalizational conditions of Ukrainian society’s development. Attention is paid to the role and significance of national historical and cultural heritage to form consolidational potential of objective historical memory and its use in cultural and educational sphere and international activity.