mathematical model

Mathematical Model of Mass Transfer from Lamina of the Leaf into Extractant

A mathematical model of mass transfer from lamina (plant leaf) into the extractant is constructed considering its anatomical organization in particular the existence of cellular and intercellular space. Its solution allows to predict kinetics of the extraction process of the whole leaves at its implementation in practice.

Treatment of Aqueous Solutions of Sodium Chloride by Nonequilibrium Low Temperature Plasma

The kinetics of chemical transformations in water solutions of sodium chloride under conditions of plasma processing in gas-liquid periodic plasma-chemical reactor of blending was studied. The mathematical model including stages of oxidation of water molecules and chlorides-ions as well as stages of decomposing of metasable products of chemical transformations was offered.

Modeling of Chemical Surface Deposition (CSD) of CdS and CdSe Semiconductor Thin Films

A mathematical model of the chemical surface deposition process of CdS and CdSe thin films, which allows determining the concentration of reagents, as well as duration and temperature for CSD needed to obtain films of the set thickness was designed. The adequacy of model was tested by Fisher's criterion. The nomogram of dependence of cadmium ions content on the initial deposition parameters was built according to the results of experimental studies and approximated by mathematical dependence.

About the Problem of Biological Processes Complicated by Mass Transfer

The carbon dioxide absorption by unicellular microalgae has been studied. The stages of the process have been examined taking into account the peculiarities of cultivation conditions, in particular the presence of cellular and intercellular environment. The constants realizing the mathematical model of carbon dioxide absorption from the air by microalgae cells have been determined. The obtained results allow to predict the absorption kinetics and develop the equipment for gas wastes cleaning while implementation of the industrial process.