Worldview basis of scientific understanding of the phenomenon of law in accordance with specific time limits

The article thoroughly and comprehensively explores the essence, historical and legal aspects of formation, evolution, content and basic elements of the principles of law based on the study of legal theory and legal practice, reveals the importance of law for the formation of legal worldview and implementation of rule-making and rule-making practice.

Murder by the mother of a newborn baby: qualification dispute issues

The article is devoted to the analysis of controversial issues of qualification of premeditated murder of the mother of her newborn baby. It is stated that the studied norm of the Criminal Code of Ukraine requires further study and changes. In particular, Art. 117 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine it is necessary to supplement and state the conditions of the psycho-traumatic situation during the murder of the mother of his newborn child in a serious psychophysical state caused by childbirth.

Classification of forms of participation in crime

The article is devoted to the analysis of the question of classification of forms of complicity in crime. It is stated that modern criminal law is quite far from solving the question of a unified approach to the classification of forms of complicity. The current Criminal Code of Ukraine was not able to completely remove the said dispute.

Analysis of the current legislationaimed at comba ting illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, their analogues or precursors

The problem of drug addiction is a global one for society, since the essential sign is more socioeconomic than medical and legal, requiring the fight not with drug addicts, but with drug addiction as a phenomenon.

Prosecutor Vyshynskyi in defense of stalin’s totalitarian regime

The article analyzes the theoretical and judicial-law enforcement activities of the Prosecutor of the Soviet Union A. Vyshinskyi, aimed at strengthening and protecting the Stalin’s totalitarian regime. In his theoretical works, Vyshynskyi criticizes the political and legal system of the capitalist countries, glorifying the genius leader Stalin. He takes an active part in the organization and preparation of many illegal actions of the Stalin’s regime, the organization of completely falsified materials in trials.

Features of persons of an unlimited use of crime

The article is devoted to the analysis of the issues of the identity of a juvenile offender.
Summarizing the above, it was stated that the study of the social nature of juvenile offenders
who commit mercenary crimes shows that the negative qualities of such persons are quite
diverse and expressed in varying degrees. At the same time, it is extremely important to
distinguish the typical features of juvenile offenders, as this will contribute to a clearer
understanding of the motivation of the criminal behavior of this group of people, and,

Concepts of legal culture as a compositionof a democratic legal state

Building a democratic, rule of law is unthinkable without affirmation of justice, legal andmaterial protection of the individual, mutual responsibility of the individual and the state, improvementof legislation and legal culture as a whole. State-legal and national-cultural revival is possible only oncondition of respect for its own history, its philosophical and philosophical humanistic traditions, whichunderlie our mentality, determine the nature of the nation and the essence of legal culture.

Right and legal consciousness : co-operation,interdependence and influence

The philosophical-legal analysis of co-operation, interdependence and influence of right and legalconsciousness is carried out. Investigational, that sense of justice is the companion of right, and that iswhy we can distinguish inherent to them general lines, namely: they belong to the single legal system;execute the normatively envisaged functions; characterized by a certain structure; stipulated by generalsocio-economic, political, ideological, cultural and other factors.

To the question about the concept of organized crime

The article is devoted to the analysis of the concept of “organized crime”. Using the
essential features of organized crime, we can agree with the existing in the scientific literature
understanding of it as a historically conditioned, negative social phenomenon, which is a
hierarchically constructed structure that relies on created crime capital and corruption, with
the purpose of providing the needs by raising capital, laundering the latter, and gaining power.