Assessment of the Impact of the Risks of Foreign Economic Activities

Risk is an integral part of the economic activity of any organizations that operate on the market in conditions of competition under the influence of external and internal environments. The word risk is often synonymous with loss, failure, which leads to negative consequences. However, no matter how many scientific or practical works are devoted to this issue, it will continue to be relevant, as the world becomes more changeable and threats have become an integral part of our lives. Therefore, assessing the impact of risks is an important component of management activities.

Doctrine approaches to the disclousure of the concept of “Legal regulation”

Abstract. The establishment and maintenance of social order is an unconditional asset of civilization, an indicator of the civilized development of society. One of the valuable manifestations of the characteristic signs of the effectiveness of law in society is the appropriate legal order, which is achieved by means of influence, regulation, and provision. However, there is no doubt about the thesis that the valuable manifestation of regulation is a sign of stable social development.


The article is devoted to the study of the prospects of using compost with sewage sludge in the raw material for the recultivation of disturbed lands. A special installation was used for bio-composting, which allowed controlling of the process parameters. The results of bio-indication of composts obtained under different conditions of compositions of the raw material mixture are given. Based on the analysis of the results of bio-indication, the optimal composition of the raw material mixture using "fresh" and "old" sewage sludge is established.

Peculiarities of Choosing a Strategy for Development of Domestic Enterprises on the Basis of Analysis of Strategic Alternatives

The semantic load of the concept of “strategy” is analyzed, it is determined that the meaning of this term has changed over the last hundred years depending on the object and subject of research; The main three key concepts of strategy definition are considered, namely classical, conceptual and complex, which were singled out by Western scholars and which were partially supported by Ukrainian, as well as philosophical and organizational-managerial concept, which are singled out by purely domestic scientists.

Social Responsibility of Business: Concepts, Typology and Formation Factors

In the article the authors analyze the approaches to the definition of “social responsibility”. The paper substantiates the relevance of implementing the principles of corporate social responsibility. The authors study the types of social responsibility and its manifestations. It is concluded that corporate social responsibility initiatives are based on four different categories, namely ethical responsibility, philanthropic responsibility, environmental responsibility and economic responsibility.

Peculiarities of the human rights protection mechanism in criminal proceedings

Adequate legal protection in the criminal process plays a leading role, as it is an
extremely important and obligatory element of state and public development, and serves as the
basis for the formation of a democratic rule of law and civil society. Building a rule of law is
impossible without respecting the guarantees of human rights protection, without providing a
clear mechanism for the functioning of such a specific democratic institution, such as the bar.
The value of legal institutions that are called upon to protect human rights is growing


Managing the effectiveness of the organization is one of the main functions of the professional activities of the newest Ukrainian managers. Managing the effectiveness of the organization is a continuous process that logically covers the actions and procedures of the linear manager in a single chain according to the logic of meaningful activity: from the formulation of goals to control the achieved results. The main consequence of the evolution of performance management over the last decade is to focus not only on goals but also on means.

Formetive, historical and philosophical review

In the article the process of identity formation in historical and philosophical context, the evolution of establishment and development of socio-natural and legal determinant of human beings. Analyzed the phenomenon of individual rights and as an object of reflection philosophical and legal, historical and philosophical science

Individually socialization: philosophical and legal dimension

Article meaningful philosophical category of “personality”, its essence and definition, found the place and the role of the individual in the philosophical and legal context, presented the main characteristics of the individual. Based on significant source base covers basic methodological approaches to the abovementioned problems.

Improvement of enterprise activities based on process management

Process management has been increasingly popular for several years now, yet most frequently it is limited to fragmentary actions, at times even to decla¬rative activity. Few organizations have brought their mana¬ge-ment systems in conformity with the idea of process management; more frequently some particular actions within the range of process approach may be observed.