Strategic management accounting information asa basis of strategic management enterprise

In this scientific paper, by analyzing the research of domestic and foreign authors, defined the
essence of strategic management accounting as an information basis for decision-making top-level
management, which is to provide managers with all the information necessary for the management
and control of business development for the benefit of its owners and other interested partner groups
(creditors, customers, suppliers, staff, government and society). Also, the study presents the role of

Consulting support of the project management development in conditions of society informatization

The article justifies the necessity of changing the management paradigm in the emerging information society. It is proved that project management is a determinant factor in cooperation of businesses during globalization. The processes of consulting environment formation as the basis of information support and the expansion of the project management application scope are analyzed. There are proposed measures to improve the project management methodology and to promote its dissemination.

Economic security: the influence of account support of public finance management

The place of economic security in the structure of national security is analyzed. Its 
internal structure is analyzed in the article. The influence of accounting as an information 
providing of management of public finances to financial security as a part of economic 
security. The list of indicators of fiscal security is presented. The author proved that 
information support of public finance management has an indirect impact on each of these 
indicators. The directions of modernization of public finance and accounting systems are 

Futurology of accounting

Reveals the importance of information sources for economic management in the
conditions of post-industrial economy, its task is to provide a wide range of involved parties. It
is argued that the accounting system does not provide for the formation of a database of
relevant financial and economic transactions engaged subjects of informational knowledge
economy, not provide figures forming all kinds of statements. We prove that the accounting
system makes it impossible to obtain the information necessary for strategic management

Методи та інструменти моделювання інформаційних процесів

In the article the theoretical principles, methodological and practical recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of the information system were proposed. The analysis of the basic principles and methods of modeling of information processes and methodology of forming an information system are justified. A systematic approach that allows to consider general strategic objectives of association and to form patterns and limits for receipt and interpretation of decision support systems was formulated.

Багатовимірне подання даних для управління ІТ-проектами

Tthe article presents the theoretical principles and proposes methodological and practical recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of the information system. The analysis of the basic principles and techniques of project management and information processes is presented and methodology of corporate information systems project management is grounded.

Проблеми та перспективи інформаційного забезпечення моніторингу земель

Основою для прийняття будь-яких управлінських рішень щодо використання та охорони земель є інформація. Ця інформація стосується об'єкта управління - землі - і впливає на всіх суб'єктів земельних відносин. Особливістю моніторингу земель є те, що він дозволяє отримувати інформацію про об'єкт в динаміці, сприяє адекватній оцінці, ефективному прогнозуванню і моделюванню змін. Окрім вирішення внутрішньодержавних завдань за допомогою моніторингу,