Ukrainian language

Gymnasium Education of Yevhen Konovalets

The article researched the complete secondary education of Yevhen Konovalets. It was explored that he raised the universal values, skills and abilities of the subjects of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and what else formed the national identity. We received an educational portrait of E. Konovalets, which is typical for almost everyone who influenced and determined with him historical processes in the Ukrainian lands in the 1910s—1930s. Especially when it comes to the link of secondary education — the gymnasium, as well as with the Ukrainian language of instruction.

Overview of the Ukrainian language resources within the multilingual European MULTEXT-East project, v. 4

The article presents an overview of computational resources for the Ukrainian language within a multilingual European MULTEXT-East project (MTE, freely available for researchers since May 2010, including a formal representation of morphosyntactic specifications consisting of 1239 unique grammatical tags in the XML, TEI-5 compatible, format and a morphosyntactic lexicon covering over 200000 wordforms with lemmas and morphosyntactic codes.