Ukrainian language

Specific literary term within the scientific text structure (based on studies of Ivan Denisyuk)

The author outlines the features of the latency and explication of the literary term, peculiarities of the literary terminological system using the works of Ivan Denisyuk, and shows individual features of creation and functioning of a terminological system in the scholarly text.

Structural-semantical features of terms-word-combinations of modern Ukrainian terminology of cinematographic art

The features of term-word-combinations of cinematographic art of modern Ukrainian are analized in the article. The specific of their semantics is reflected, the most typical structural-semantical models, the compound names of which are formed, are distinguished.

The lexical-semantic processes in the Ukrainian musical terminology

The article is dedicated to the analysis of the processes that took place in Ukrainian musical terminology. Musical historic terms, archaic names and synonyms that went out of active use. New music alterms such as borrowings, derivative words, dialectic words enriched themusical terminology. Availability of such processes let us confirm that Ukrainian musical terminology is in the continuous development

Terminological word combinations in Ukrainian power engineering terminology

The article is devoted to the study of the structural organization of term phrases in Ukrainian electric power engineering terminology and the identification of the most productive term phrase models. Particular attention is paid to the models of compound electric power engineering terms, with two-and three-term phrases having been analyzed.

Difficult cases of use of computer terms in the genitive case second declension masculine

The article deals with tre problems of the modern Ukrainian terminology, including the issue of genitive case flexions in computer terms of tre second-declension masculines using. Specific attention is paid to the use of terminological unit macro, where there are doubts in the choice of flexion.

The phenomenon of synonymy in Ukrainian homeopathic terminology

The article continues the cycle of the author’s publications devoted to the studying of the Ukrainian homeopathic terminology. The peculiarities of functioning of the term-synonyms and the structural and semantic features of equivalent terminological units of the researched area are analyzed in this work.