Ukrainian language

The electronic multilingual dictionary of dental terms: theoretical aspects and practical application

The article deals with major problems, which have arisen in compiling process of electronic multilingual dictionary of dental terms. The article gives a detailed analysis of developing macro-, medio- and microstructure for the abovementioned dictionary and some lexicographical parameters are considered. Some aspects of dictionary entries writing and software for dictionary compiling are highlighted as well.

Functionally adequate translation of scientific literature (on the material of English and Ukrainian texts of economic content)

The given article is dedicated to the principles of functionally-adequate English-Ukrainian translation of scientific literature of еconomic content. Principal translation models of such a translation are outlined. Some trends of adopting target texts to the education purposes of a modern Ukrainian student obtaining Economic qualification

Manuals of terminology studies and educational process

The article presents an overview of manuals that were published in the twenty-first century in Ukraine, defined their structure, peculiarities, purpose. The main focus is on general manuals that serve bases of terminology or outline the specifics of Ukrainian and named narrow specialized educational books.

The rules of ся-verb usage in professional Ukrainian texts

In the article, the meanings/sub-meanings of Ukrainian ся-verbs are studied, their four basic meanings (reflexive, impersonal, passive and active) and nine sub-meanings of the reflexive meaning are separated and the non-controversial terminological system is proposed. It is shown that due to polysemy of ся-verbs, the same word form can express various meanings. Criteria enabling us to clearly distinguish natural Ukrainian constructions with such verbs from intruded constructions are suggested.

Suffixation as a productive way for creation of terms of museum

In the article, the word-formative organization of Ukrainian term system of Museum Studies, specifically those formed by means of a suffix is explored. Major tendencies of term-formation suffix means are identified, and the most productive models of suffixation of term system of Museum.

Correlation of synonyms and variants in the modern computer terminology

The functioning of synonymy and variability in computer terminology have been examined in the article. Types of synonymous pairs and variant forms have been analyzed, the character of the synonymous relations between the terms of this branch have been reviewed. The investigation enables to reveal the peculiarities of the synonymy and variability in modern computer terminology, to follow the development tendency of these phenomenon, and contributes to the observation of ways and means of normalization of synonymous terms and variants.

The analysis of legislatively fixed terminology of the civil protection sphere (based on “The Code of civil protection of Ukraine”)

In article terminological units of modern terminological system of sphere of the civil protection, presented in «Code of civil protection of Ukraine» are analysed. Considered the basis for experts of civil protection he document of Ukraine has many discrepancies to norms of the Ukrainian literary language.

Ukrainian biological terminology in the aspect of semantic derivation

In the article Ukrainian biological terminology is reviewed in aspects of semantic derivation as a productive way of replenishment Ukrainian dictionary. The features of terminologization, determinologization and reterminologization and their importance in biological terminology are described.