Ukrainian language

The translation of Russian adjectives with the components -подобный, -видный and -образный into Ukrainian

The articles aims at revealing seme peculiarities of the Russian composite adjectives with the basic components -подобный-видный and -образный and their equivalents among Ukrainian adjectives united by the seme of affinity. For this purpose the adjectives are arranged in groups with the number of variants established in each of them. The articles considers the ways of adjective formation and deals with a number of issues connected with the semantic structure of Ukrainian and Russian nominations.

Active and passive constructions in Ukrainian professional texts

The article deals with typical three-term and two-term syntactic constructions in professional texts, their transformational relationship and semantic differences. The activeness/ passiveness criterion of a syntactic construction is formulated. It is common of three-term and two-term syntactic constructions and is based on the syntactic function of the object. On the basis of this criterion the activeness of constructions with forms ending in -но, -то and the direct object is proved.

Synonymy in the Ukrainian linguistic terminological lexicon of the XVI–XVII centuries

The article is devoted to the analyses of the views of the Ukrainian and foreign terminologists of the problem of synonymy terminological lexicon. The author observes synonymic rows of scientific linguistic names, used in the relicts of the Ukrainian language of the XVI-XVII c., and assertains, that in early periods synonymy was wide-spread and played positive role. The intra- and extralinguistic causes of appearance of the synonymic rows are also counted over.

Legal terminology of the Ukrainian language and the process of its creation

The article is devoted to the law terminology as one of the oldest layer of terminology vocabulary in Ukrainian language. The article analyses main features, summarizes information about the current state and perspectives of modern law terminology. It also differentiates the concepts of “term”, “terminology” and “terminology system”.

Terms "colour" and "hue" in sociolect of Ukrainian fans

The article describes specifics of functioning of art terms – colour and hue – in the sociolect of football supporters. The fans speech nominations concerning colours are analyzed. The article reveals the associations lying in the naming. The author analyzes the functioning of colour vocabulary in the texts of fans’ folklore (scansion, slogans, songs etc.).

Affixal derivation in terminological system of the constitutional law

In the article the word creative features of Ukrainian terms of constitutional law is explored. The peculiarities of suffixes and prefixes ways of creating the terms of this branch of the law today are analyzed. It was found and analyzed the productivity of derivational models of different ways of creating terms of constitutional law.

On the problems of translation of Theophanous Prokopovych's rhetorical terms into Ukrainian

The article analyzes the difficulties and problems underlying the translation into Ukrainian of Latin rhetorical terms, used and explained in a treatise “On the rhetorical art” by Theophanous Prokopovych (1707), taking into account modern tendencies in scientific and technical terminology organizing. Based on the conducted research and the review of current tendencies in the Ukrainian scientific style a conclusion has been made concerning the similarity of numerous phenomena and processes in the scientific language of the XVIII century and nowadays.