Ukrainian language

Synonymy and variants in the Ukrainian forestry terminology system

The article traces the phenomena of synonymy and variants in the Ukrainian forestry terminology, reveals the specificity of the terms and the terms variants presentation in “The Russian-Ukrainian dictionary of forestry terms” (1980), distinguishes between synonymous terms and term variants, presents the synonymic rows according to lexico-grammatical, phonetical, word-formative peculiarities, analyzes the synonymic terms and term-variants in the field of forestry.

Dynamics of terms with international components in the modern Ukrainian language (words with the component hydro-)

The article considers the emergence and fixation in the dictionaries of the terms with the component hydro- in the modern Ukrainian language. It clears up their thematic and semantic groups, sphere of usage, the change of the semantic structure of a word, their paradigmatic and syntagmatic, the appropriateness of their usage in the modern systems of terms.

Terms for definitions of nouns' categories in grammar works of 20-30-ies of the end of the XIXth – the beginning of the XXth centuries

In the article the term group «noun» in morphological terminology of Ukrainian language at the end of XIX beginning of XX century is considered. The transition of scientific thought on the stage of improvement and consolidation of a number of morphological terms is revealed. Ambiguity of the use of the term “morphology” is traced, examples of varying parts of speech is given. It is marked the reasons that prevented unification of morphological terms. Most morphological terms included in the bosom of modern morphological structure of Ukrainian language and entrenched in it.

Ukrainian construction with verbal forms in -no, -to against the background of the neighboring Slavic languages

The article deals with the appearance of impersonal constructions with verbal forms in -no-to and the comparison of their usage in the four Slavic languages: Polish, Czech, Russian and Ukrainian.

Features of word combination terminology formation in Ukrainian linguistics

The article deals with the history of formation of word combination terminology as a part of Ukrainian syntactic terminology. On the basis of historical sources it is possible to discover the contribution of Ukrainian grammarians in the development of syntactic terminology connected with the revival of theoretical achievements of the Ukrainian syntactic science since the second half of the nineteenth century. The presentation of term usage in linguistic works allows determining the main trends of term creation, one of which declares a Ukrainian basis.

Structural models of composite terms with the museum component (based on museum studies terminology)

The article indicates the specificity of the term as an inseparable element of a term system. It examines term combinations with the component «museum» and its derivatives in the Ukrainian term system of Museum Studies fixed in present-day terminological dictionaries relating to the field, distinguishing structural models of formation of these analytical terms.

Термін медійний та споріднені з ним

The analysis of a relatively small group of Ukrainian lexical units related to the foreign word «media» in terms of morphological adaptation and trends and patterns of terminology and spelling codification gives the authors a reason to stress the need for a concerted effort of Ukrainian professionals to systematize terms of the media sphere.

Термінологічна лексика Майдану (на матеріалах газет «Дзеркало тижня», «Українська правда», «Газета по-українськи», «Високий Замок»)

In this the article terminological lexis which appeared during the revolution on Maidan Square and the military action in the Crimea and Donbas is reviewed. This lexis has become an integral part of the language of contemporary massmedia. Its thematic groups have been identified and features of usage in author’s texts illustrated.