Ukrainian language

Suffixe method of creation of terms in homoeopathy

This article continues the series of publications of the author on the study of vocabulary Ukrainian homeopathic industry. The proposed work presents the analysis of derivative processes in studied terminology. In particular, the suffix method of creating terms defined as a level of performance of certain types of structural word in the creation of homeopathic terms. Relevance of the article due to the need to study and systematize ways of creating terms homeopathic field, which today remains less explored at linguistic level.

Polysemy in Ukrainian electric power engineering terminology

The article is sanctified to analyse the specific functioning of the polysemy phenomenon in the Ukrainian electricity terminology. It analyses the main types of the ambiguous tokens in the study of terms. It also studies out the reasons of the appearance of new terminological meanings in special electric power engineering category.

Phraseological units in Ukrainian economic terminology

In the article there are highlighted functioning of phraseological units in Ukrainian terminological system of Finance and Economics. The author focuses on the problem of their definition. The article highlights the peculiarities of the phraseological units with terminological meaning in the dictionary of Finance and Economic. The author presents the semantic types of the researched lexical units.

Нафтохімічне термінотворення в історичному контексті формування і розвитку української науково-технічної термінології: сьогоднішній стан і проблеми

Installation, development, achievment and losses of the Ukrainian scientific petrochemical terms in accordance with historical circumstances are elucidated. Terminological problems and ways of its solution are commented and discussed.

Specificity of sectoral structure of term systems (based on the example of Ukrainian terminology of oil and gas industry)

Ukrainian terminology of oil and gas industry is examined as a field structure. Characteristics of terminology field are defined. A particular structure is made – a core and a periphery. Concentration of field-formative features in the core and incomplete set of these features due to possible loosening of their intensity at the periphery are typical for this structure.

Medical terms with cardi(o)- and heart components in modern Ukrainian language

Ukrainian medical terms-composites with international components cardi(o)- and Ukrainian equivalent heart have been studied in the article. The problem of their interchange was brought up. It has been defined their productivity and word formation mobility. The outlook of the article is that the terms with somatic components need further studying concerning determination of their productivity and mobility.

Borrowings in the system of Ukrainian financial and economic termi-nology: the problems of adaptation

The article deals with the actual problem of loan words in modern Ukrainian financial and economic terminology, particularly the issue of lexical and grammatical adaptation, transliteration, and spelling of borrowed terms. Specific attention is paid to anglicizes which are actively penetrating into the Ukrainian language due to the restructuring of the national market economy, and their proper adaptation by own verbal means.

The role of metaphor in the development in geographical terminology

The role of metaphor in the process of geographic reality cognition, particularly in the primary nomination by comparison, analogy is revealed. The spiral development of concept as metaphor: primary words-metaphors –“naive” concepts – logical concepts, is established. The significance of metaphor in modern processes of determinologization and transterminologization of geographical science is emphasized. The emergence of concepts, metaphors with extensive scope (megametaphor) is stated.

The role of the Ukrainian Economic Academy in Podebrady (Czech Republic) for development of Ukrainian forestry terminology

In the article considered the role of the Commission Terminology at the Ukrainian economic Academy in Podebrady (Czech Republic) to form the Ukrainian forestry terminology in 20tieth of the twentieth century. In the article analyzed the terms denoting concepts forestry recorded the “Forestry dictionary. German-Ukrainian” (1928), made their lexical and semantic analysis.