Ukrainian language

Synonymy and antonymy in Ukrainian phytoameliorative terminology in special dictionaries of early XXI century

The urgent problems of synonymy and antonymy in the phytoameliorative system are considered; synonyms and antonyms are characterized by different criteria (structure, concept-semantics, morphology); the correlation between synonymous and antonymous relations in the terminology of phytoamelioration is studied.

Somatic metaphor in railway terminology

The article deals with lexical-genetic characteristics of modern computer terminology. Te branch (computer) terminology is divided into three thematic groups with lexical-semantic subgroups. One can trace the origin, formation and present functioning of terminological units. The analysis of computer terms from the viewpoint of their origin helps to identify the main patterns and trends of their development as well as organize and unify modern computer terminology.

Somatic metaphor in railway terminology

The article deals with the problem of metaphorical term formation in the field of railway industry based on somatic vocabulary and describes lexical and semantic features of metaphorical terms. The term serves as a nominative unit of cognitive activity, the process of its creation being a mechanism of comparing a sign of the general language with a special scientific sign and the human him-/herself performing the role of this sign.

Semantic potential of Ukrainian electric power engineering professionalisms and professional jargonisms

The article is devoted to the structural analysis of electric power engineering professionalisms and professional jargonisms. Structural and functional properties of this layer of the the studied term system have been found.

Scientific interpretation of the notions "terminology" and "term system" (as exemplified in the road-building industry terminology)

In the article the problem of differentiation of the notions “terminology” and “term system” has been considered. An attempt to determine the notional volume of the terms “road-building terminology” and “road-building term system” has been made.

Compound terms with the seme ‘structural element of the building: features of attributive components

The paper identifies and analyzes the attributive components of two-component terms that are names of structural elements of buildings. The productiveness of these term-word combinations in modern Ukrainian language is revealed.

Compound names as a productive name type in terminology of cosmetics and cosmetology

Compound names as a productive name type in terminology of cosmetics and cosmetology are characterized and analyzed in the article. A high productivity of compound names in term system of cosmetics and cosmetology is introduced first of all by reveal of universal general linguistic tendency concerning liquidation of contradictions between a limited quantity of nominative means and unlimited quantity of name objects with the usage of word combinations in a nominative function, as a word combination has the same nominative function with a word.