civil society

Legal basis of civil society and its interaction with the public authori

The main theoretical legal principles and prerequisites of the concept of civil society forming in the theoretical and legal thought, the current state of interaction between civil society and public authorities are examined. The problems facing towards the introduction and implementation of democratic values of civil society, and solutions through reasonable balance of interests of public authorities and civil society in Ukraine are analyzed.

Civil society and its legal values in a democratic transformation: experience of Ukraine

This article explores the concept of legal values of civil society and its relationship with the legal consciousness of citizens and the democratic transformation. Such basic legal values as freedom, equality, justice, private property, protection of rights and freedoms of man and citizen are characterized. It analyzed the need for a clearly developed and rationalized democratic ideology as the foundation for the further development of legal values of civil society in Ukraine is analyzed.

Theoretical aspects of functioning of public associations are in Ukraine

The article is devoted the problems of functioning of such institute of domestic civil society as public associations, because they are the societies closely associated with the political system and play an important role in becoming of democracy, defence of rights and freedoms of citizens.

Civil society development in accordance with the requirement of the european institutional action

The article analyzes the development of Ukrainian civil society in accordance with the requirements of European institutional progress. It is found out that under the rule of law state power becomes the most important tool by which civil society provides optimal conditions for self-development. It is in this context that the state acts as a public-power institution that manages civil society as a whole and is called upon to act in the general interest.

The mutual influence and interrelation of civil society and the state as a unified whole

Civil society asks dynamic welfare state plays in its existence developmental role. Therefore, the level of civil society and the level of the welfare state concepts are interrelated. In fact, civil society is a mechanism for the further development of the functional structure developed forms of welfare state. It is not only a condition for the full realization of the general characteristics of social support in the social state, but also a mechanism combining civil and social rights is an effective way to legitimize the legal nature of social policy.

State and civil society: legal cooperation

Scientific exploration is devoted to the problems of civil society development in Ukraine in the context of its interaction with the institution of the state. In the article theoretical, conceptual and practical aspek¬ty interaction of the State and civil society in Ukraine. Characteristic features of the system of government, which have a kind of discomfort for the full development of civil society. 

Тheory and practice of civil society historical and legal experience of Ukraine

This article provides a comprehensive analysis of the concept of civil society as a political and legal phenomenon. The analysis of source material that characterizes the process of development of the views of civil society in Ukraine. The evolution of the concept of civil society in the works of Ukrainian thinkers, including S. Orzechowski–Roxolan, M. Kostomarov, М. Drahomanov, І. Franko et al. The peculiarities of the concept of civil society context. XIX – beg. XX century. in the works of prominent Ukrainian figures.

Official and unofficial look at contemporary Ukrainian cultural policy

Euromaidan and dignity revolution, which further continues, clearly show that without change in the national policy of culture change the country will be very difficult. It’s tactics and strategy formation space of life for the citizens of Ukraine, information about Ukrainian and country in the world, formed throughout history and established in today’s harmful and humiliating stereotypes, myths. Obviously the official state culture has long been not satisfied an active, creative part of society.

Legal a wareness and legal culture as a factor of civil society

The article analyzes the importance of legal awareness and legal culture in the development of civil society. We consider the concept and basic features of civil society characterized by justice and legal culture that influence the improvement of law on the
formation of a legal state and civil society.