Ukrainian language

Types of definitions on the content of information on the ratio of volumes of definable and contiguous concepts

The methods of definition construction are classified according to the information contained in them about relation of defined concept toward to the extension of contiguous concepts. The concepts are evaluated based on their informativeness and the number of words in them. Expediency of using different definitions is analysed for different aims. Drawn conclusion about expedience of the use of features of different definitions in planning of dictionaries constrution.

Багатозначність термінів як результат реінтеграції наукового знання

The process of scientific knowledge reintegration, resulting in the emergence of new meanings of terms is researched in this article. Semantic changes that occur during the reconsideration of the initial meaning are considered. It is proved that seme-motivator which can take the nuclear or peripheral place in the structures of initial and derivative meanings is the foundation of the aforementioned process. Scientific fields which motivate semantic processes of the current term transformation and the emergence of new terminological meanings are emphasized.

Terminology handbooks end of ХХth – beginning of ХХIst century

This article provides an overview of the educational books and textbooks on terminology, textbooks on business language and professional direction of given period, which has relevant sections about terms, terminology and term system. The books, which describes narrow field terminologies, their linguistic peculiarities, formation, development and functioning are reviewed separately.

The contribution of Adelfotesauthors union into Ukrainian terminology in the late XVI–XVII cen.

The article is devoted to the study on 101 linguistic terms, fixed in Ukrainian part of “Grammar” of the author association Adelphotes. The analysis of semantic and grammatical features, motivation and origin of the terms and their elements showed, that Lviv scientists in 1591 have had an opportunity to create the first system of terms of morphology and phonetics, which was suitable for the description of Greek and Ukrainian languages and became a basis for the grammatical works of the authors of the future generations.

Formation of gender linguistics term system

In the article the gender linguistics term system is considered. Some of the problems in the terminology formation, including difficulties in identifying its composition, the presence of a significant number of synonyms and variations, differences regarding definitions and spelling of certain terms are outlined. It’s emphasized that the analyzed term system while in its infancy requires a comprehensive study, normalization and standardization.

Epistemic modality in scientific and popular discourse about teaching of learning material

The subject of this research is epistemic modality in the scientific and popular discourse as the part of speech information and evaluation of teachers or students that form the structure of the language in different languages, using various means of expression, confidence, doubt and certainty of the truth of incomplete information. These means are determinative or cognitive markers of the subject of speech – teacher or student.

“Football teaches to defend and gain”: thematic classification of Ukrainian football terminology at the end of the ХІХth – beginning of the ХХth centuries

On the basis of the analysis of the materials of Ukrainian sports periodicals at the end of the ХІХth – beginning of the ХХth centuries and special editions of that time dedicated to football, a thematic classification of Ukrainian football vocabulary has been made and correlation of national and foreign components in football terminological system of the initial period of its formation has been traced.

Activity of innovative processes in the vocabulary of modern media

In this the article terminological lexics is reviewed. This lexics has become an integral part of the language of contemporary massmedia. The lexical and semantic processes which take a place in the public relations at the beginning of the 21th century are discussed. Its thematic groups terminological lexics have been identified and features of usage in author texts are illustrated.

Modern Ukrainian rocket artillery terminology: structural analysis

A structure of modern Ukrainian rocket artillery terminology is outlined in this article. Analysis of the main structure types of such military terminology shows that it can be structured into single and multiple word components. The majority of terms are analytic ones revealing a steady tendency to grow in their numbers. Terms using two, three and four words combinations are proved to be more productive. Other structure types of terms are less common which is due to their size.

Extralingual factors and dynamics semantic terms

The paper deals with problem of semantic dynamics of term under act of extra linguistic factors. Changes in the special scientific picture of the world of political science, by a result what transformation of semantic structure of term, origin of the new special meanings, neutralization of evaluation-expressive components, and also narrowing or expansion of meanings are studied. Influence of social changes on education and development of political science terminology are grounded.