Ukrainian language

Linguistic terminology as object of scientific research in the late XX – early XXI century

Linguistic terminology was the object of dissertations which are analysed in the article. These papers touch both description of linguistic terminology system on the whole and in concrete grammars or in the works of scientists of the past in particular. Research of concrete terminology system in diachrony and synchrony is allowed to understand the process of development of linguistic terminology system.

Borrowing in the Ukrainian literary terminology of late XIX – early XX century

The article deals with the terminology of literary articles at the beginning of the late XIX - early XX century. Categories of terms according to its origin were examined, where terms borrowed from Greek, Latin, Italian, French, German or English languages were found, sometimes involving language mediator. Also proper Ukrainian terms and and heterogeneous elements were recorded.

The analysis of a problem of definition of vague predicates

As a result of the executed research a sources of paradoxes type of sorites are revealed. It is offered to bring in definitions of words with the semantics of the vagueness the information which will interfere creating of paradoxes of type of sorites. It is proposed to clarify the definition of concept of “a heap”.

Medical terms as a part of Roman Ivanychuk’s idiostyle

The article deals with the lexical-semantic analysis of medical terms that are significant and integral component of Roman Ivanychuk’s idiostyle. It is found out how to implement these lexical units in their usual function of concepts nomination, as well as in stylistically-expressive meaning as a part of similes and metaphors.The peculiarities of using such tools in a variety of communicative situations are shown.

Antonymous relations in Ukrainian musical terminology

Antonymy is a wide-spread phenomenon in Ukrainian musical terminology. Antonyms play a positive part in term system organization. Antonymous relations allow emphasizing a deep-laid essence of the concepts to be opposed, help determine the place of every single term in musical terminology and contribute to the entire perception of scientific information.

symbol vs image: to the question of terminology variability

The article deals with the correlation between the notions of symbol and image. The main attention is paid to the interpretation of symbol and image in various areas of Humanities, which allows to reveal substantial features of these terms. The terms “symbol” and “image” in semiotics and cultural studies have been analyzed. The interrelation of the terms “artistic symbol” and “artistic image” in literary theory has been discovered. According to the approaches to the study of linguistic terms, their terminological variability is substantiated.

Structural and stylistic features of popular scientific genre books of XVIII of century

The comparative typology analysis of manuscript of curative adviser of XVIІІ of century allowed to investigate the structure, to describe the table of contents, the stylistic features of this monument of scientific and popular genre.

Phenomenon of polysemy in terminology science (based on transport megasystem terminology)

Polysemantic relations within the transport terminological megasystem have been inquired into. It has been determined that the inter-system polysemy is a natural phenomenon for terminology as an autonomous subsystem of the present day Ukrainian language. Unlike the inter-system one, a polysemy within the system, noted by us, is interpreted in terminology as a negative phenomenon, which complicates communication.

Structural and word formation peculiarities of modern computer terminology

The article deals with the structural and derivational features of the modern computer terminology. The most productive ways of making computer terminological units are singled out, and specificity of derivative processes of professional vocabulary is described. Certain regularities of creating modern computer terms creating are found out; the trends in further development of studied terminology were detected that helps to identify the ways of normalization of its units.