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101 The role of the opposition in a democratic parliament: finding a balance between the legitimate power and the tyranny of the majority V. Kovalchuk Series of Legal Sciences
102 Measures to ensure criminal proceedings: legal analysis V. Ortinski Series of Legal Sciences
103 Again about the serious offense as a circumstance that may cause the occurrence of a state of strong mental excitement К. Marysyuk , S. Soroka Series of Legal Sciences
104 Modeling of a bulk material stress state in a conical hopper hole under vibration action N. I. Maherus, Yu. P. Sholovii, N. M. Tymoshenko, M. I. Kuchma Mathematical Modeling and Computing
105 Objective signs of complicity in a criminal offense К. Marysyuk Series of Legal Sciences
106 On the question of criminal organization as a form of compatibility A. Kryzhanovsky Series of Legal Sciences
107 On the effectiveness of public influence on juvenile crime O. Humin, A. Yosypiv Series of Legal Sciences
108 The problem of organizing forensic activities in the process of prosecution: European experience in the context of coercion M. Huzela Series of Legal Sciences
109 Administrative judiciary at the current stage judicial system reform of Ukraine: problem statement N. Huzela, M. Huzela Series of Legal Sciences
110 Problems of research of documents during investigation of crimes in credit and financial sphere V. Baranyak Series of Legal Sciences
111 A specific of the interaction of the investigator with the operational units during investigation of criminal offences, explosives and explosive devices related to illegal turnover V. Baranyak Series of Legal Sciences
112 Scientific and theoretical rationale for the formation of the principle of cooperation and partnership in civil legal relations R. Rymarchuk Series of Legal Sciences
113 On the activities of lawyers in the field of protection of rights, freedoms of the population of Ukraine L. Ostapenko, J. Rudnytska Series of Legal Sciences
114 Features of notarial proceedings for certification of contracts Kh. Markovych Series of Legal Sciences
115 Environmental security in Ukraine: administrative-legal support I. Lychenko , Kh. Marych Series of Legal Sciences
116 Activities of institutions of higher spiritual education in Ukraine: administrative and legal guarantees V. Chornopyska Series of Legal Sciences
117 Administrative and legal ensuring the right to housing in Ukraine by citizens О. Ostapenko, A. Kryzhanovsky Series of Legal Sciences
118 On remuneration of employees of educational institutions under martial law L. Ostapenko Series of Legal Sciences
119 Administrative and legal means of protection of rights, freedoms and interests of private persons in the sphere of public management B. Melnychenko Series of Legal Sciences
120 Contents of the competence of tax authorities and the problems of its fixing in the legislation N. Lesko Series of Legal Sciences
121 Ethical standards in advocacy: features of observation and responsibility for their violation A. Romanova Series of Legal Sciences
122 Religion and law: mutual influence and interconnection. Section two. M. Kelman Series of Legal Sciences
123 Current trends in the development of medical rights in the law system of Ukraine І. Zharovska Series of Legal Sciences
124 The phenomenon of ecological safety as an object of axiological and legal reflection T. Harasymiv, T. Dasho Series of Legal Sciences
125 Diversity and dynamism of legal life as a basis for the development of legal argumentation V. Brezden, O. Chornobaі Series of Legal Sciences
126 The phenomenon of the nation and naciogenesis in the context of (national) state formation I. Terlyuk Series of Legal Sciences
127 Towards adaptation of the NURBS weights in shape optimization M. Ziani Mathematical Modeling and Computing
128 Is a Dialogue between Philosophy and the Educational Technologies Possible? (Based on the Results of Webinars by Experts of the “SoftServe” Company, 2022) Olesia Pankiv Series Humanitarian Vision
129 Senses, Experience and Metaphysics. Overview of: Papineau, D. (2021). Metaphysics of Sensory Experience. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 163 pp. Yana Luchyk Series Humanitarian Vision
130 Are You Scared of Humanity Re-engineering? Review of : Frischmann, B., Selinger, E. (2018). Re-engineering Humanity. Cambridge, United Kingdom; New York, NY: Cambridge University Press. 235 p. Pavlo Somko, Anastasia Danko Series Humanitarian Vision
131 Why People Believe All Kinds of Nonsense? Review of : Levy, N. (2022). Bad Beliefs: Why They Happen to Good People. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 188 p. Alina Pukhyr Series Humanitarian Vision
132 Life, Works and Philosophical System of Bronislaw Trentowski. Translated from Polish by Andrii Kadykalo Klym Hankevych Series Humanitarian Vision
133 Klym Hankevych: In the Search of the National Philosophy. Foreword to the Ukrainian Translation of Klym Hankevych’s work “Life, Works and Philosophical System of Bronislav Trentowski” Andrii Kadykalo Series Humanitarian Vision
134 Critical Remarks on Positivist Logic. (The Ending). Translated from Polish by Ihor Karivets Roman Ingarden Series Humanitarian Vision
135 Temperature field of metal structures of transport facilities with a thin protective coating B. Gera, V. Kovalchuk, V. Dmytruk Mathematical Modeling and Computing
136 Universal dependence for determining exergetic output-input ratio of air split-conditioner heat pump V. Yo. Labay, H. M. Klymenko, M. P. Gensetskyi Mathematical Modeling and Computing
137 Some Existential Reflections on Self-Determination in the Conditions of the War. (Review Article) Ihor Karivets' Series Humanitarian Vision
138 Neutrality of Switzerland in the Light of the Contemporary Security Challenges: Realistic, Neo-Liberal, and Constructive Approaches. (Research Article) Lesia Dorosh Series Humanitarian Vision
139 Pecularities and Consequences of the Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Election Process in the World. (Review Article) Mykola Buchyn, Anastasiia Kovalchuk Series Humanitarian Vision
140 Anti-War Actionism (Art Activism): Features, Forms, and Evaluation of Possibilities. (Research Article) Nataliia Khoma Series Humanitarian Vision
141 European Union Green Energy: Risks and Opportunities for Ukraine (Researh Article) Yaryna Turchyn, Olha Ivasechko, Khrystyna Zabavs'ka, Oleh Tsebenko, Lidiia Kasha Series Humanitarian Vision
142 The international law and foreign policy of the kremlin in preparation for the annexation of the three baltic states (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia) in june 1940 V. Makarchuk Series of Legal Sciences
143 The key to victory - nationwide mobilization readiness M. Kelman, Volodymyr Ortynskyi Series of Legal Sciences
144 Entropy calculation for networks with determined values of flows in nodes R. L. Politanskyi, Y. Y. Bobalo, O. L. Zarytska, M. D. Kiselychnyk, M. V. Vistak Mathematical Modeling and Computing
145 Hybridization of Divide-and-Conquer technique and Neural Network algorithm for better contrast enhancement in medical images F. Aqel, K. Alaa, N. E. Alaa, M. Atounti Mathematical Modeling and Computing
146 Asymptotic method and wave theory of motion in studying the effect of periodic impulse forces on systems characterized by longitudinal motion velocity B. I. Sokil, P. Ya. Pukach, A. P. Senyk, M. B. Sokil, A. I. Andrukhiv, M. I. Vovk Mathematical Modeling and Computing
147 Numerical analysis on chaos attractors using a backward difference formulation A. F. N. Rasedee, M. H. Abdul Sathar, N. Mohd Najib, T. J. Wong, L. F. Koo Mathematical Modeling and Computing
148 Call warrants pricing formula under mixed-fractional Brownian motion with Merton jump-diffusion S. N. I. Ibrahim, M. F. Laham Mathematical Modeling and Computing
149 Pricing equity warrants with jumps, stochastic volatility, and stochastic interest rates A. S. Sawal, S. N. I. Ibrahim, T. R. N. Roslan Mathematical Modeling and Computing
150 MHD flow of hybrid nanofluid past a stretching sheet: double stratification and multiple slips effects R. I. Yahaya, F. M. Ali, N. M. Arifin, N. S. Khashi'ie, S. S. P. M. Isa Mathematical Modeling and Computing