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1 Influence of uniaxial pressures on dynamic dielectric characteristics of RbHSO4 R. R. Levitskii, I. R. Zachek Mathematical Modeling and Computing
2 Method of controlling a group of unmanned aircraft for searching and destruction of objects using artificial intelligence elements O. Tymochko, A. Trystan, O. Matiushchenko, N. Shpak, Z. Dvulit Mathematical Modeling and Computing
3 Local manifolds for non-autonomous boundary Cauchy problems: existence and attractivity A. Jerroudi, M. Moussi Mathematical Modeling and Computing
4 Retrieving the Robin coefficient from single Cauchy data in elliptic systems A. El Madkouri, A. Ellabib Mathematical Modeling and Computing
5 Optimal control of tritrophic reaction–diffusion system with a spatiotemporal model Y. Baala, I. Agmour, M. Rachik Mathematical Modeling and Computing
6 3D model and numerical algorithm for gas filtration in porous media N. M. Kurbonov Mathematical Modeling and Computing
7 Nonlinear method for determining external orientation elements of digital images obtained from drone M. M. Fys, V. M. Hlotov, A. M. Brydun, Z. Siejka Mathematical Modeling and Computing
8 The mathematical fractional modeling of TiO_2 nanopowder synthesis by sol–gel method at low temperature O. Sadek, L. Sadek, S. Touhtouh, A. Hajjaji Mathematical Modeling and Computing
9 CONTENT Measuring Equipment and Metrology
11 METHODOLOGY FOR ASSESSING THE LIFE CYCLE PROCESSES OF SCAFFOLDS Vadym Chernobrovchenko, Kostiantyn Dyadyura Measuring Equipment and Metrology
12 CHARACTERISTICS OF THERMOMETRIC MATERIAL Lu1-xScxNiSb Volodymyr Pashkevych, Volodymyr Krayovskyy, Andriy Horpenyuk, Volodymyr Romaka, Yurii Stadnyk, Lyubov Romaka, Andriy Horyn, Vitaliy Romaka Measuring Equipment and Metrology
13 ELECTRICAL PROPERTIES OF TI-CU-CO-SI HIGH-ENTROPY ALLOY Svyatoslav Yatsyshyn, Pylyp Skoropad, Mikolaj Karpinski Measuring Equipment and Metrology
14 IMPACT OF THE INTERACTION OF MOVING PLANETS ON THEIR ORBITS Vasil Сhaban, Jacek Bartman Measuring Equipment and Metrology
16 Optimal fuzzy deep daily nutrients requirements representation: Application to optimal Morocco diet problem K. El Moutaouakil, C. Saliha, B. Hicham Mathematical Modeling and Computing
17 Institutionalization of parliamentary opposition rights in Central and Eastern European countries V. Kovalchuk, I. Sofinska Series of Legal Sciences
18 Compulsory measures of medical nature, not related to insulation I. Shulhan Series of Legal Sciences
19 Controversial issues of the subjective party of the criminal offense provided for in art. 187 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine S. Soroka Series of Legal Sciences
20 Causes, types and consequences of false criminalization Nataliya Slotvinska Series of Legal Sciences
21 Sevruk V. Characteristics of victims of crimes committed by organized groups and criminal organizations formed on ethnic basis Series of Legal Sciences
22 The nature and humanity of life imprisonment M. Maskovita Series of Legal Sciences
23 History of the formation of criminal law on the detention of a person who has committed a criminal offense К. Marysyuk , Nataliya Slotvinska Series of Legal Sciences
24 Principles of punishment and general principles of punishment: the relationship of concepts К. Marysyuk Series of Legal Sciences
25 Prevention of criminal offenses against subjects of criminal proceedings: international legislation and the experience of individual states M. Huzela Series of Legal Sciences
26 Prevention of criminal offenses against subjects of criminal proceedings: international legislation and the experience of individual states M. Huzela Series of Legal Sciences
27 About non-class elements in the field of labor relations L. Ostapenko Series of Legal Sciences
28 Legal methods of combating the illegal labor market L. Ostapenko Series of Legal Sciences
29 Establishment of environmental responsibilities of humans and citizens: international standards U. Bek Series of Legal Sciences
30 Features of the administrative and legal status of religious organizations as a collective subject of law V. Chornopyska Series of Legal Sciences
31 Concepts, elements and features of the legal status of civil servants I. Khomyshyn Series of Legal Sciences
32 BLOCKCHAIN technology in the context of opportunities of digitalization of effective public administration O. Terlyuk Series of Legal Sciences
33 Peculiarities of the implementation of the legislation on public-private partnership in the field of environmental protection M. Sirant Series of Legal Sciences
34 State primus: concept and characteristics N. Lesko Series of Legal Sciences
35 The role of religious organizations in ensuring the right to a safe life and health environment V. Chornopyska Series of Legal Sciences
36 Public control in the process of democratization of the judicial system of Ukraine V. Chornopyska Series of Legal Sciences
37 Domestic legal argumentation in defending of the ukrainian national case O. Chornobaі Series of Legal Sciences
38 Philosophical and legal dimensions of ecological culture Y. Kharkavliuk Series of Legal Sciences
39 The place of polemical and pedagogical phenomena in the field of canon law S. Slyvka Series of Legal Sciences
40 Professional and ethical requirements for police activity A. Romanova Series of Legal Sciences
41 Main threats to the development and security of society in modern Ukraine M. Kristinyak Series of Legal Sciences
42 Religion and law: mutual influence and interconnection. Section one M. Kelman Series of Legal Sciences
43 Strategic course of Ukraine in the context of modern security threats M. Kelman, M. Kristinyak Series of Legal Sciences
44 Theoretical and legal study of the prinsiple of access to the healht care І. Zharovs’ka Series of Legal Sciences
45 Protection of environmental rights: theoretical and practiological nature І. Zharovs’ka Series of Legal Sciences
46 Conceptual dimensions of military law as a complex branch of law T. Harasymiv, P. Bilyk Series of Legal Sciences
47 The role of international institutions in transitional justice processes T. Harasymiv Series of Legal Sciences
48 Andrusiak І. On the role of the logical method of knowledge in scientific and legal research I. Andrusyak Series of Legal Sciences
49 Methods of research of historical and legal reality: the phenomenon of ukrainian national statehood and state legal tradition I. Terlyuk Series of Legal Sciences
50 Role of solicitors in legal defense of the accused on political litigation of the great terror period (1937–1938) and such in regard of the dissident movement (1960’s-1980’s) V. Makarchuk , N. Zakharchyn Series of Legal Sciences