A. L. Ostrovskij

Lviv Polytechnic National University
12, S. Bandery str., Lviv, Ukraine, 79013


Apollinariy Lvovich Ostrovsky was born on January 19, 1923 in the village of Galuzinky, Vovkvinnytsky district of the Vinnytsia region (now the Derazhnyansky district of the Khmelnytsky region). His father, Lev Martynovich (1897-1984), came from a noble Polish family, and his mother, Kristina Danilovna (1898-1963), came from a Ukrainian landless family of Melnikov. Children and adolescents of Apollinarius Lvovich fell in hard pre-war years, especially in 1929-1933 when the family was subjected to repression by the state authorities. The high school AL Ostrovsky graduated with honors in Vovkovnitsy in June 1941 and then there was a war ...

The fighting path of a young gunner-scout began at Kolomyia in April 1944, and ended on May 13, 1945, near Prague. The courage and courage of the warrior are marked with the Order of Glory of the 3rd degree, with 8 medals and numerous thanks to the high command. Since 1946, Apollinarius Lvovich has been studying at the Faculty of Geodesy of the Lviv Polytechnic Institute, graduating with honors in 1951, specializing in Astronomy and Geodesy. That same year, at the invitation of his teacher - prof. HELL. Motor - he starts a pedagogical activity - works first as an assistant of the department of geodesy, and after the defense of the candidate's dissertation in March 1959 - a lecturer of the department (1963). Scientific direction of works AL. Ostrovsky - the study of the impact of refraction on the results of geodetic measurements - is becoming a leading area of ​​scientific activity throughout the department. The completion of thorough theoretical developments and the processing of numerous experimental studies has had fruitful consequences: defense of the doctoral dissertation took place in May 1973 in Leningrad. The hard work of the entire staff of the department is on the solution of the refraction problem under the direction of the head of the department of geodesy Professor AL. Ostrovsky To a large extent, the success of this work was due to the scientific work of the workers of the branch research laboratory LDLL-18, which, in 1979-2006, was headed by Apollinarius Lvovich. Thus, the Lviv-based geodesic school of refraction was created in the scientific world, whose soul and flag was AL Ostrovsky. For many years Apollinarius Lvovich headed the Regional Specialized Council. He defended doctoral theses in geodesy, worked actively at the educational-methodical Council of the Ministry of Higher Education of Ukraine, was editor-in-chief of the scientific journal Geodynamics in editorial boards of all journals on geodesy and engineering geodesy issued in Ukraine.

During 63 years of scientific and pedagogical activity, Professor A.L. Ostrovsky published more than 200 scientific works, textbook "Geodetic Applied Studies", 6 monographs. In 2006, the first in Ukraine fundamental textbook "Geodesy" (ch.ІІ) came out in its wording, which is a creative consequence of many years of teaching AL. Ostrovskogo course of geodesy in Lviv Polytechnic. Under his scientific guidance, about 30 applicants and postgraduates defended their Ph.D. and doctoral dissertations. Among the students of Apollinaria Lvovych, Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences Y.S.Yatskiv, more than a dozen leading professors-surveyors. Professor A.L. Ostrovsky has 11 author's certificates and patents for scientific inventions. The book "My life in geodesy (memories)," written by a professor in his last years of life, is an exciting story of a Man who, through his whole life, has carried in love with his favorite profession.

Fruitful scientific, pedagogical and public activity of Professor AL Ostrovsky brought him a well-deserved respect both in the scientific world and in geodetic production, awarded the Order of Merit of the III degree, the medal "Veteran of Labor", with high honors - "Honorary Surveyor of the USSR", "Honorary Geodesist of Ukraine", "Honored Science Worker and technics of Ukraine "," Excellence in education of Ukraine "," For scientific achievements ". The proof of the extraordinary authority and deep respect from the scientific geodesic community to AL Ostrovsky is the fact that he was elected the leader and honorary chairman of the Organizing Committee of the International Scientific and Technical Symposium "Geodetic Environmental Monitoring: GPS and GIS Technologies", which has been held annually for many recent years passes in the Crimea. November 2, 2008, at the 86th year of life, tragically died an outstanding Ukrainian scientist-geodesist, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Doctor of Technical Sciences.

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